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Big Alcohol Blatantly Hides that Alcohol Causes Cancer Must watch video!
Big Alcohol Blatantly Hides that Alcohol Causes Cancer
20 Million Allies for the Petition
Hey there! Welcome to Allies of the AFR! We're on a thrilling mission to unite folks in the adventure to ban alcohol advertising. Imagine the impact we can make together! Our target? A whopping 100,000 signatures within just one month on the petition. But wait, there's more! Our ultimate goal is to hit 20 million members by Jan. 1, 2027! How amazing is that? Right now, your simple yet powerful task is to spread the word and encourage others to become allies. Let's ignite change and make a difference! Stay tuned, because when the time comes closer for the petition, we'll be super active and keep you in the loop. Let's go!
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Allies of the AFR
Ban Big Alcohol advertising like Tobacco is. Stop brainwashing our children with addictive cancer-causing ethanol. We are the AFR! Let's go!
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