ALHH Health Mastery
Private group
15 members
$99 /month

*** You will not be admitted unless you answer the questions when you ask to join.***

Welcome to Alabama Holistic Health Academy (ALHH Academy).

For only $99/month you will gain information and therapy trainings for your healing journey. This is a self-help course with Q&A sessions, peer support, and classes.

In this program you will learn how to:

  1. Fight candida ($1500 value)
  2. Read labels, understand ingredients, and shop sustainably ($500 value)
  3. Rebuild your gut health and microbiome ($2000 value)
  4. Manage stress ($1500 value)
  5. Improve adrenal/thyroid/metabolic health ($2000 value)
  6. Use auriculotherapy to support and enhance your healing ($1000 value)
  7. Make delicious high probiotic foods quickly ($500 value)
  8. Create healthy soil and gardening for healthier food ($500 value)
  9. Increase your energy for optimum exercise ($500 value)
  10. Community, peer support, and expert consulting ($500 value)

Total Value: >$10,000

Private group

ALHH Health Mastery community is an educational platform to help you journey to better health. We help you Balance the Root for Health that Lasts!

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