AI SEO Academy
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$10 /month
The AI SEO Academy is an online course and community where Jonathan Boshoff shares exclusive access to custom AI tools for SEO.
You'll also learn how to build your own versions of these apps and customize them.
You can access detailed training videos, prompt documents, python scripts, and web apps.
  • 20+ Tools & Trainings.
  • Advanced prompt templates in Google Docs.
  • Exclusive access to Python scripts and custom apps.
  • Learn advanced prompting strategies.
  • Learn how to optimize websites at scale.
  • Plan, generate, and improve content.
  • Audit websites in a single click.
  • Behind-the-scenes access to see how popular tools are made.
  • Bonus resources not shared anywhere else.
Connect with Jonathan directly. Brainstorm ideas, get help with apps, and pick his brain.
Be part of an exclusive community of marketers, developers, and SEOs around the world adapting to an AI-friendly future.
Start your journey to becoming an AI-powered SEO today!
Private group
Become an AI-powered SEO.
AI training videos & resources.
Build no-code SEO apps.
Learn Awesome SEO Prompts.
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