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HighLevel Demo is happening in 6 hours
Quick Announcement - Tuesday Q&A Call
Just a quick heads up, with the Holiday's, I will be unable to hold the normal weekly LIVE Q&A call on Tuesday. It will resume as normal the following week Happy Holiday's!
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Quick Announcement - NO WWN/Onboarding Call This Week!
This week is GoHighLevel's Annual Summit I will be there as well as Graham (who does the Wednesday Onboarding Call) So there will be no Tuesday WWN Call or Wednesday Onboarding Call, but we'll be back in full swing next week! Hope to see some of you at the summit! Have a great week!
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AI SaaS Snapshot Link (UPDATED - 8.3.2023)
Hey all - I know several of you were saying the funnel was not importing in the last version of the Snapshot. Try this new updated one
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How Do I automate my SAAS?
I am targeting hair salons and signing them up for reputation management and everything is going alright but how can I automate the process? Should I upload their customer list for them month to month or do they do it themselves?? Will they be able to do it themselves?? or if i go to a high ticket niche such as remodeling.. How can i teach the clients to use the opportunity tab?? and automate the SAAS?? If i dont automate it. It would be a complete nightmare if I start to scale and have 30-50+ clients
Moving Snapshot from click funnels to High Level
Someone gave me a funnel in Click funnels I would like to convert it to high level any suggestions on who might help me/ do it for me?
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