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Welcome to the AI Automation Academy 🤝🏻 - Start Here
The goal of this group is to help you navigate the rapidly changing AI Industry and learn the skills to build out AI Automations and Chatbots. In the Calendar Tab you can also find weekly community calls. To kick things off, please comment below, introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name and where you're from 2. What project(s) you're currently focused on Rules - Don't sell anything here or use AI Automation Academy as any kind of funnel - We delete low effort community posts, and posts with poor English. Proofread your post first. - Help us make the posts high quality. If you see a low quality post, then click on the 3 dots on the post and "Report To Admins".
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Welcome to the AI Automation Academy 🤝🏻 - Start Here
Community Calls
Feel lost in your AAA Journey? Hop on our weekly AAA Calls which you can find in the Calendar tab
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I automated my agency
I fully automated everything inside of my agency allowing me to scale past 30k p/m, i put it all into this swipe file i use internally. Comment "scale" and i'll send it over.
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I automated my agency
Secure Client Account Sharing Solutions
Hi Everyone, How do you have your clients securely share their accounts and passwords with you, especially for integration with What tools or password managers do you recommend that are cost-effective? Any other solutions? Thanks!
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I’m hiring Cald Callers
DM so we can discuss more about that
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