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This YouTube Ad has made our client over $646,252.15 in 3 months...
Happy Tuesday Ad Men,
Today I wanna give you a quick a mini-masterclass on YouTube Ads and show you how that shows you how this YouTube Ad has helped out client make over $646,252.15 in the last 3 months!
In this mini-masterclass, I'm going to give you an an exact run-down of:
- The script we wrote
- How the client recorded the Ad
- How we edited it
- Why this ad converts
Let's get started!
So 3-months ago we started working with Brandon Carter (aka KingKeto) to help him scale w/ YouTube Ads...
Here’s how much money we’ve helped him make so far:
Total Spend: $201,365.09
Total Revenue: $646,252.15
Total ROAS: 3.21
Total Profit: $369,161.00
Now, here's how we did it 👇
So first things first, 80% of YOUR success when running YouTube Ads comes down to your creative.
And 80% of your creative’s success comes down to your HOOK.
Your HOOK is the first few seconds of your ad. Remember, you ONLY have 5 seconds before someone can SKIP your ad…
And this HOOK does 3 KEY things that YOU must do with your YouTube Ads in order to replicate its success...
Here's what it says:
“HEY! STOP training people in person to make money as a personal trainer…”
Can you see it? If not read it again…
Here’s what it does:
That first “HEY!” gets the viewers attention.
And the “STOP” keeps their attention long enough for them to hear the rest of the sentence…
It also qualifies them immediately by calling out WHO they are & WHAT they're doing "wrong"!
But wait, we're not done yet, there's more...
"It's trash, it's garbage, it sucks... do online personal training instead!"
So now we’re throwing stones and creating a little bit of controversy.
The classic: "DON'T do this, DO this instead"
And here’s where we present the better alternative, aka the offer:
"It's the fastest way to make over $100,000 a year from your own home, on a laptop, or a phone..."
So now we’re appealing to their WANTS, aka their DESIRES, GOALS, and DREAMS.
Personal trainers, just like anyone else really, want to make more money and have more freedom...
But the problem is…
They’re stuck training clients in person at the gym.
They can’t OR don’t know how to take their business online.
But before we show them, we twist the knife just a LITTLE bit more to emphasize their problems, pain points, and frustrations, here's how...
“And you never have to worry about your clients wasting your time by not showing up in the gym, here's how it works..."
You see? Just speaking what they’re already living.
Because everybody who’s ever had a trainer at some point has skipped a workout OR slept in.
And the “Here’s how it works…” at the end of that last sentence serves as your transition to the STORY.
And the STORY is where you talk about who you are, what you’ve done, and why they should care.
But we’ll save that thread for another day…
Remember, 80% of your success OR your client's success with YouTube Ads comes down to your creative.
That’s exactly why didn’t just write the script, we also told him how to film the ad & edited the ads too.
We added:
-Motion graphics
So here are the top takeaways:
1. Get attention (”Hey!”)
2. Call out the ideal client/customer (”Personal Trainer”)
3. “Don’t do THIS, Do THIS instead (”in-person vs. Online training”)
4. Make a BIG promise/claim ("Make $100k/year")
5. Twist the Knife ("clients wasting your time")
Before working with us, Brandon had all of his eggs in the FB basket.
Now he’s banking an additional $100k/month in PROFIT to his high-ticket coaching biz w/ YT Ads.
And here's what he had to say about working with us:
Obviously by now y'all know that this is NOT an outlier or a "lucky guess" lol...
I've been doing this for 5-years and my team and I have worked with guys like:
-Sam Ovens
-Cole Gordon
-Jordan Belfort (wolf of wall street)
-Frank Kern
-Bedros Keuilian
+ A whole lot more 7 & 8-figure marketers who don’t even have a big following...
Regardless, I hope that this inspires YOU to watch the creative modules inside of the classroom that we give you for FREE...
So that you can replicate this for YOUR coaching/course biz OR your clients coaching/course businesses if you're an agency...
Now obviously if you want more help from me and my team personally...
So that we can help you write your scripts, review your ads, campaigns, offers/funnels, etc...
Then the Ad Men Mastermind is the place to get more coaching/support.
You can apply to join here:
And if you want similar results to Brandon, and you want MY team and I to do ALL this for you...
You can apply to work with us here:
Either way, hope this helps :)
Brian Moncada
This YouTube Ad has made our client over $646,252.15 in 3 months...
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