Please critique my ad and landing page

I am trying to find out why my landing page conversion rate is so low at 4.3%...

Attached is an image of my Google ads for this month for my one campaign that's running at $30 per day... I found a proven ad that was converting into booked calls, so I used that video angle and created different versions of it, (changing thumbnail and ad text) and those three versions are shown in the screenshot.

I watched a training by

and replicated the landing page he was showing for my niche, with hope that it would perform better than the previous version I was using. It is still currently converting at 5%, which is how well my previous version was doing.

Could you please watch my ad, view my landing page, and the two screenshots, and let me know what stands out?


Two landing page versions:

Thanks so much! This truly means a lot.


any suggestions? Greatly appreciate it!


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