Charging % of Revenue... any advice?
Hi all
As my agency grows, and our client results continue to improve, we're looking to change our offer up from the typical flat retainer fee to one in which we can charge a % of Revenue or Profit (an idea that I am pursuing because of this group).
First, I'd love to hear any of your experiences with this model... tips, advice and things to avoid.
I've been reading and have been told that Hyros is essential to be able to do this, but haven't been able to find much about alternatives.
Are there any out there worth exploring?
If Hyros isn't an option for us right now, is it worth just waiting and continuing with our current flat retainer until it is?
I also figured being able to do manual checks through the clients CRM would be valuable and even necessary. We could also then trace back-end sales to our efforts on the front-end in acquiring the customer.
Open to any and all advice! 🥂
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Nick Muscolino
Charging % of Revenue... any advice?
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