A-Z Home Buyers Journey (Lite)
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This FREE online course provides access to the initial two modules of the comprehensive "A-Z Home Buyers Journey" program.
It includes over 15 videos and a series of self-guided, step-by-step tutorials, allowing you to begin your home-buying journey at your own pace.
This course comprehensively addresses all aspects of property and finance that ideally should have been part of our school curriculum but likely weren't. Its primary objective is to serve as "Your Personal GPS Navigation System," for first home buying here in NZ.
Let it guide you through these complex topics, turning unfamiliarity into confidence and steps forward with a plan to take real action.
It offers immense value, delivering expert assistance in an understandable format unlike any other product in the New Zealand market.
Join our engaging course on Skool, a focused platform enhancing learning through community interaction. Flexible, mobile-friendly education in a distraction-free, privacy-conscious environment.
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A-Z Home Buyers Journey (Lite)
This Free online course for 1st Home Buyers in New Zealand, loaded with 18 lessons is like having your very own "Personal GPS Navigation System"
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