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Expending my network
Hey there beautiful people ! What are the names of the co-founders and collaborators of Brian? I want to follow them on social media. Thanx 🤗
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You'll find a couple of names on the attached, Gary and AJ, but I don't know their social links @Jet Sefa
Hey gang, are you getting PM by web designers and such? I could use an update on my site but I find this very weird energy. Thoughts? "I'm a professional website designer and a funnel builder also redesigner, and I'm currently offering my services for limited time! I'm looking to build my portfolio, and I'll design a beautiful website for you at $100 and funnel at $200 for any niche. All you have to do is provide me with the requirements and content, and I'll do the rest. This is a limited-time offer, so act fast! To learn more, kindly send me a direct message". Thanks. John Steve 2:45am
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Hi @Christie Grace Callister I've had a few similar messages and left well alone. I'm not sure if they are scammers or simply fishing in groups for business but not keen on the approach 🙏🏾
The power of Breathwork
4 years I do breathwork regularly, 4 years I’ve never been sick….not even a flu 👊🏻😮‍💨
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Boom!🎉💪🏾👏🏾 Go @Jet Sefa
My First 5 Day Challenge!
💥 I'm thrilled and proud to share that I've just wrapped up an incredible week with my BETA Zoom group for my FIRST successful, Free 5 Day Breath Challenge! 🌟 What an exhilarating ride it's been, with almost everyone showing up for all the live sessions except one on the last day. I had 5 amazing women from different walks of life, each super invested in the experience. It was intense, transformative, and deeply rewarding for each participant, including myself as the coach. Utilizing my notes and intuition, I guided them through each day's cycle, integrating ideas I'd been sitting on for ages. Despite a few technical glitches, we stayed present to our breath and bonded as a group. We explored the science of healthy breathing, practiced specific techniques, and laid the foundation for each participant's morning breath practice commitment going forward, along with some special offers just for them. Keeping it informal yet focused, I made sure to allow time for questions each day, which really grounded everyone's understanding, including mine as it tested me! 😂 I'm SO grateful for this personal and collective breath-through journey of growth and connection, and I'm excited to have my own core group of conscious breathers! Thanks to @Brian Kelly for your leadership and inspiration. 🙏 🌬️✨
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Fantastic, congratulations @Christie Grace Callister sounds amazing 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
New to breath work and an aspiring coach
As an aspiring coach and just getting in and trying to find my way with breathwork I’m honored and intrigued to be part of this community. I would love to be able to integrate breath with client work as I believe it could make transformation all the more powerful. Can’t wait to learn
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Welcome @Shawn Michael great to have you in the community 🙏🏾
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