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Finally .. My first video on Youtube! Yaaay
Hello Everyone, I finally made the shift from "I want to upload a video to youtube" to "How can I improve my next one?" @Andrew Kirby convinced me almost a year ago, that I need to share the lessons I've learned with the world . But I was too scared to put myself out there. Then, when I decided to finally do it, it was too complicated from a technical point of view and I learned a lot about filming and editing. After hitting the "publish" button yesterday, all my fears and anxieties went away and I felt relieved. I know it's not the best video and it's painful for me to even watch it 😅 but I'm proud of myself that I did this 😊 I didn't share it with my family or my friends .. I wanted to only share it with a community like you who would understand what's it like to overcome all these mental and technical obstacles. So Kindly take a look and tell me honestly what you think 😇 Obai
Juan Carlos Recalde
Michael Dean
Aaron Resendiz
Obai Othman
Tamás Tukszár
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Very earnest and for a first video incredibly natural in front of the camera! Great Job! What's your next video going to be about?
What are some of the MOST valuable purchases you have EVER made?
I have a birthday coming up and I’m wondering what to get. What are the items/ experiences that have brought you the highest ROI? Can be anything.
Tamás Tukszár
Fedor Shatukho
Jeff Harrison
Travis Moore
Owen Sheasby
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Cheap and simple: Note pads. Somewhere to develop ideas, find solutions to problems and clear my head. (I suppose a pen would be helpful too lol) In that same vein, a whiteboard has been so valuable in organising thoughts and not having to process all the paper afterwards.
Favourite book
Navals book! For sure now I am gonna read The Slight Edge
Corey Bennett Boardman
Michael Dean
Christina Westergaard Larsen
Ragul M.d
Dan Lopez
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@Corey Bennett Boardman Will do!
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@Christina Westergaard Larsen It's great! I think I might have to give it another re-read as I find different aspects stick out at different points. As for my favourite take aways, I'd always liked day dreaming and making up stories in my head, but learning that I can do that and direct it in a beneficial way to have real world results was quite eye opening! So the whole mind not being able distinguish between reality and imagination aspect. As well as just how important and malleable our self image can be, and being able to construct a new self image! What about you?
Hey Everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Stephen, I met Andrew in Sam Oven's mastermind group and we found we had a lot in common. I help people build content machines, automated systems to distribute content @ scale with a lean cost-effective team and without a lot of your time. Looking forward to learning from you all and contributing to your success.
Michael Dean
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Tamás Tukszár
Stephen G. Pope
Ragul M.d
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Welcome Stephen! I only recently joined myself and have already began seeing great value in being here, you've made the right move!
Highest Leverage Skills?
Hi there, I have so many books ready to be read, all spanning different topics. My Tsundoku. Recently I made the decision to lay them all out and organise them by subject and began creating what is essentially a syllabus of the next subjects to tackle based on the skills they'd help develop. I'm attempting to organise them by the highest leverage skills, the things that have the most impactful knock on effect. The ones that took priority for me were: - Decision making - Learning more efficiently - Communication skills I wanted to put this question out to the community. What skills do you consider to be highest leverage skills that you'd prioritise and why?
Andrew Kirby
Corey Bennett Boardman
Gabriela Toderean
Travis Moore
Jarrett Yew
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@Tamás Tukszár haha nice! Yeah the community here has a way of making you just want to dive in too!
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@Owen Sheasby Main goal is to develop a career as a visual artist, primarily directing music videos or creative projects like them. Been working freelance in post production for a long time now, but want to be more hands on and create opportunities for myself, so anything that could help make that happen
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