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Watch this + Introduce yourself! 🎸
Please do the following ASAP: -1- Watch the attached video and read the "Welcome" post. -2- Introduce yourself (make a new post in the "presentation" category) -3- Go a like and comment 2-3 guitarists' introduction on the JG Fellowship. Welcome aboard! 🎸 PS To consider this "action as complete", write a comment below such as "done!"
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@Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle I think that digital amp is usually somewhat different in that you have access to precise EQ on board. With tube amps - esp Fender ones that tend to be very bright good EQ pedal can make a giant difference - especially if plugged into effect loop. In my current setup I have Wampler Equator parametric EQ as one of the last pedals on my board (tuner, Diamond compressor, RC Booster, Kingsley Jester tube OD, EQ pedal, volume, Xotic looper (to be able to chain in external effect and bypass them - it also allows you mix in the level of effect so you could eg. get 90% clean tone and a dash of fuzz), Earthshaker Leviathan reverb. Another idea - if you play several guitars - is to put EQ first and use it to compensate for a guitar character.
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@Erwin Platvoet Yeah - it can make DRASTIC change - I have an old school fuzz pedal (Sunbender) last 1/8 of the pot sweep takes you to Neil Young territory but below that you gat almost OD sound. PS. I could never really bond with TS type of pedals - they really need tube amp set properly (at the edge of breakup). Peter Thorn had a very useful YT video explaining the ide how to use OD and disto pedals properly.
All of Me - jamming with Matt
I go first. Playing fingerstyle on Stratocaster.
Graham Dixon
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@Graham Dixon Thank you! Slowly getting the right tone on Strat. I have more "jazzy" instruments but Strat always feels like home to me ;-)
I finally decided on an amp
A couple of month ago i had posted that i was looking for an amp. I would like to thank everyone for their feedback. I finally decided to buy the Fender Tone master Deluxe Reverb. When i tried it with my guitar right next to the tube version i couldn't hear the difference. I'm so happy with my purchase. Hopefully you'll hear it soon... i just need to be able to play Donna Lee!
Ariel Pardo
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Víctor Murgó
Tom Niesytto
Jim Moody
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@Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle I take Blues Jr to the jam. At home I never fore it up. Recently I mostly used Tech21 FlyRig into Quilter set witd flat EQ amp to simulate playing through PA. I will be doing some Christmas gig - without amp just Fly Ring into Bose L1 - so I want to dial the tone right.
I went amp exploring yesterday, there is a lot to learn, i still need to go explore more but i'm wondering if you guys have any recommendations and why, at this point nothing is off limit but obviously a high price would make the purchase have to wait more. Ideally something that is good quality but not too expensive. Clean jazz tone is the most important thing.
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Paul Watson
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@Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle Several years back when I was a bit more obsessed with gears I would find some exotic overdrives and bring them to a friend who was working in guitars store fixing amps and effects. He had a very very good ears and well developed taste for tone And every time his reaction was the same "oh! a new box! with 4 knobs!" (or "3 knobs" etc.). I guess point that he wanted to make is that those are all boxes with knobs. It is up to us to do the magic part. I flipped many good effects - because I did not know how to see good thing that I had. PS. I would love to have tube Princeton but I really hate heavy part. 20+ yrs ago I had a stereo Rivera amp that was 80 pounds.
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@Mark Ogier Fender Deluxe is heavy and yes VERY loud - you will never crank it past 4 - maybe. One useful trick with Deluxe is put EQ pedal (e.g. MXR) into effect loop and just velcro it to the top of amp. It can completely tame Deluxe. For me it is still too heavy - if I was going for another amp now it would be Henriksen.
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