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Welcome to the breathwork revolution my friend! The tools, the technology and the tribe in this community have the power to change your world. And when you change Your world, everyone around you benefits. We’re here to transform, to grow, and to create a better life for ourselves and for others, so in that spirit there’s two simple things I want you to do: 1. Drop a post and introduce yourself. Where are you from? What are your passions? And most importantly - what kind of life do you want to create? 2. Like, comment and support at least 3 other people in this community. We’re doing this together, which means showing up together.  Stay tuned and watch this space! Good things are coming. Life is a mental game guys! Once you are leveled up on the mental side you can kiss goodbye the cycles of self sabotage and limiting beliefs. This is where you get to become the designer of your own life. Master of your destiny. Get ready.
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Hey y’all ! I’ll try and keep this short and sweet lol 😝 I am a wife and stay at home mom of 2 toddlers, I am a professional makeup artist and own my own wedding makeup business but this will be my last year in the beauty industry as it no longer aligns with my passions and values. I am the host of a holistic healing podcast called Sacred Rebels Podcast check us out, we discuss all things trauma and holistic healing. I was sexually molested from the age of 3-11 from my brother’s father (from what I remember, it could have happened earlier) that lead to YEARS of drug addiction and IV heroin use. I will be celebrating 7 years clean this year!! 🥹🙏🏼 After my last overdose and being dead for 11 minutes, I knew God brought me back for a reason it was a miracle I didn’t come back as a vegetable, let alone come back at all!! That near death experience changed me, I believe I came back a new person with a new soul contract. All of this being said, I am a firm believer in the fact that we are our own healers, it is our responsibility to heal!! ✨ This last year I dove deep into trying to heal my inner child and trauma as it was effecting my life in all aspects, how I mother, how I show up as a wife, and how intimacy would cause me to go into full blown panic and spiral mode. I have been doing EMDR therapy for a year and while it has definitely helped me heal a lot of my trauma once I experienced breathwork for the first time a few months ago I thought to myself, HOLY SHIT… this is it, this is the answer!! I believe breathwork is the future of healing and I can’t fucking wait to share that with the world and make a positive impact. It is my life’s mission to show people and women specifically how fucking powerful we truly are!! Beyond grateful to be here and can’t wait to learn more!! As of next weekend I will be a certified reiki and energy healer as well so I can’t wait to incorporate that into my breathwork practice. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 WE ARE THE BREATHWORK PIONEERS, how fucking cool!! 🫶🏼 love and light to alllllll 🥰 Cheers to all my fellow June students.
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@Annabelle Beydoun thanks so much yes I’m excited to integrate the two.
FINALLY HERE: Gamified Rewards Environment
We humans are fueled by incentive and reward. Do something good, feel good about it, rinse and repeat. This is how we’ll sculpt your nervous system so your thoughts and feelings become a source of strength and internal inspiration rather than a source of self-sabotage and suffering. Basically this: the more you put into this group the more you’ll get out. I’ve designed this ecosystem to reward you for doing the things you know you want to do. The more you do the practices, the more you engage in a positive manner, the more you show up, the more you will get rewarded. In this way we create a positive feedback loop which spirals you upwards to the place you want to be. The other awesome thing? If you’re short of cash but you’re playing full out, you’ll be able to earn the points to access the full 9D Breathwork Community. If that’s not your jam and you just want access to my Premium stuff right away (cos there’s no time to waste and you’re on a fu**in' mission) - then go right ahead, click this link and follow the steps. Either way, we’re going to get you where you want to go. Enjoy the journey my friend. My team and I plus this community of game changers will be right there with you every step of the way. Brian
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This is your entry point into a hyper-learning environment primed for maximum growth and transformation. You’ll find the tools, the techniques, and more than enough motivation to use breathwork to heal every part of your body and your life. The only thing I can’t do for you is breathe. What I can do is tell you to do this: - Do the 5 Day Breathwork Challenge - Sign up for a minimum of 1 deep dive Transformational Breathwork Journey/month - Do the Morning Breath Activation practice EVERY DAY - Hold each other accountable to show up as your best selves  - Support, motivate and inspire each other If we do the practices, if we commit to the shifts, if we build a strong community then we cannot fail to create a better world for ourselves and each other. Let’s get it! Brian
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Started the 5 day challenge today! Amazing.
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@Mike Swaney yes I’ve been practicing for a few months now.
Where is everyone based?
I'm curious where everyone is based in the world? I'm in Israel and was wondering if there are others from previous cohorts who are also here? I'd also love to know how people are bringing this work into their practices? Individual sessions, group sessions, online, face to face? I found myself getting overwhelmed at the possibilities and we aren't even there yet 😂
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New Hampshire, USA
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@Paul Kaman Thank you!!
First Session!!
OKAYYYYY WOWWWW. Have to share. I helped facilitate my first breathwork session last week and it was special to me because it was at the women’s circle I host monthly. My best friend led who just recently got her certification through this program in the last cohort and when I tell you it was the most beautiful & powerful thing I’ve ever experienced I mean it 🥲🙏🏼 I’ve obviously done quite a few journeys myself as the “student” but to help facilitate was a whole new vibe. The energy was palpable.✨ That being said, she led and I just walked the room making sure everyone was breathing correctly and when I tell you I was full on sobbing with these women… 😭😭😭 I left being like okay so is this gonna happen every time I lead since I’m such an empath and literally couldn’t stop crying. I’m hoping when I lead I’m able to stand in my power better and set my emotions to the side because yikessss lol. Does anyone else have experience with being an empath and a facilitator!?
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@Enrique Sanjose thank you there was 18 and no headphones
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@Debrah-Anne de Lange thanks so much!!
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In my HEALING era. Hey y'all I'm Tay... mom, wife, reiki healer, and host of a holistic healing podcast called Sacred Rebels. Very excited to be here!
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