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Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is ....🎵🎶
Hello, Elevate Leaders! Let me reintroduce myself for everyone in this beautiful community 👇🏽 📌 I’m a proud mom of 3, and a twin mom 📌 I am a dual citizen 🇰🇪 🇿🇦 I grew up in South Africa most of my life & moved to Nairobi, Kenya to be with 1 lucky man, my loving husband of 10 years this year 📌 I’m a team leader and a qualified actuary and so proud of the team I have built and worked with over the last 8 years at at Big 4 Audit firm 📌 I am obsessed with seeing black corporate women rise in their careers, build generational wealth and become absolutely magnetic in their leadership 📌 My super power is in helping these women build their own version of leadership that's in full alignment with their personality and the kind of leader they'd want to work for. Even if that means being perceived as the 'nice girl who's soft-spoken'. You can still lead, and do it very effectively 📌 I loove adventure, my last one was jumping off a plane (scariest thing ever, but I did it and I survived lol) ✨I’m excited to have you all around here, I talk about mindset mastery, leadership branding, becoming visible without networking and self-promoting the way everyone tells you to, and of course the myths and truths about being a corporate leader and doing it your way. Whether you've been here for 2 years or 2 minutes, I am so grateful for every one of you. You could've followed someone else, but you chose to join my space on the Internet over here...Thank you 🖤 And if you survived to the end of this post, share one interesting thing about you in the comments section below👇🏾
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Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is ....🎵🎶
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Jumping of the plane!That is what is the most interesting thing I have read today off course aside from knowing you as a great coach!
Tuesday Tips 🚀How to stop getting meaningless title changes at work
I recently shared my story about a title change I got at work, with no pay raise or promotion tied to it... I was so disappointed and felt blind-sided. But when I looked back at the situation objectively, I realized that I was what I call "friendzoned" The decision-makers at work didn't yet have the confidence that I could truly lead at the next level. And I was to blame for that... Talk about radical responsibility (which is a necessary ingredient if you're serious about advancing your career) Back to the story: So, my bosses friendzoned me, and started throwing small rewards here and there, hoping I would stay on in the organization because I was very good at being a manager, not quite ready to become a Director. Fast forward to late 2020, I got serious about my career advancement, took radical responsibility, hired a coach to mentor me along the way, and created a solid promotion strategy. These are the main pillars of the strategy - my tip for today is to start working on it now... The next performance review might seem like a long way out, but senior promotions are all about creating a slight advantage and this is how you do it. 1️⃣ Knowing what you want 2️⃣ Knowing who you are and what USP you’re selling (you’re always selling btw) 3️⃣ Knowing who else is supporting your promotion besides your boss 4️⃣ Knowing what your vision is for your leadership role and how it fits into the future of your organisation’s strategy 5️⃣ Having a strong team leadership plan (this doesn't happen by chance) What are you going to focus on this month in your promotion strategy? Comment below 👇🏽 _____________ 🖤 P.S If you're tired of getting meaningless title changes and you're ready for a REAL promotion into senior management... 𝗗𝗠 𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱𝘀 𝗖𝗢𝗟𝗟𝗘𝗖𝗧𝗜𝗩𝗘 over here in the community to join the Elevate Collective & create a leadership brand & identity that gets you the Director/VP title. 🗓 We start on Jan 29th & we are almost half full! 📣 Applications are open through to Jan 26th
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Oh my goodness the friendzoning is real!
How learning tennis has made me grow in my corporate career 🎧
Monday Mindset Podcast Chats are where we keep the conversation going and dive deeper into the topics on the Monday Mindset Elevate Podcast! This thread is for the episode, "What learning to play tennis has taught me about growth & comfort zones” 🎧 You can find this episode over here or by searching for this episode title on the elevateHER podcast, on your favorite podcast app! This has been a STRETCH year in so many ways. But learning a new skill has given me so many different perspectives that are not always obvious when you are focusing on overdelivering and exceeding your KPIs at work. I made a decision to learn how to play tennis earlier in the year instead of just watch it from the couch and criticize my favourite players when they weren’t winning. Safe to say this is one of the hardest things I’ve learnt in a while and I’ve taken so many of these learnings into my corporate career. BUT I didn’t do it alone - I decided to hire a coach to transcend what could’ve been years of learning into months. And I’m now ready to play my first match in 2024! Tune in to find out how you can learn from the ups and downs of learning a highly technical skill, and elevate your career in 2024 ➡️ I'd love to know - what did you think? Any insights, reflections or takeaways you'd like to share in the comments? Do you have any questions about this topic or episode?
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How learning tennis has made me grow in my corporate career 🎧
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Knowledge not used becomes obsolete and valueless
Stop paying most expensive taxes in your career
Wow this podcast is 🔥 If you haven't listened to it please do You will know that your confidence needs to be guarded jealously! I loved totally and this definitely going to be on replay a few times
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Congratulations on unlocking Level 2 of the BOSS Diva Movement 👏🏽
Congratulations to @Lwimba Chikumbi and @Keziah Khalinditsa on levelling up and unlocking Level 2 of the BOSS Diva Movement. You both now have access to my premium 'Path to Promotion' Masterclass worth $75 for FREE 👏🏽 Ladies, did you know you could access my premium content for free just by being an engaged and active member in this community?
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@Lwimba Chikumbi and @Keziah Khalinditsa Well done
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