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I am hoping someone here can help me figure this out. I added a music clip (was an mp4 then detached audio in FCP) but it keeps creating these smalls gaps in the audio that sound like a click or glitch. You can see 2 gaps in this picture when you open it. Does anyone know how to make sure FCP maintains the integrity of the audio clip?



Corey Bennett Boardman
Steven Shea
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    Great idea! I will do screen recording from now on. I dislike going to those dodgy converter sites anyway. Thanks so much for your help with this!

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    @Corey Bennett Boardman It turns out the new quicktime won't let me use the internal mic but I then realized I could screen record on my iphone and then airdrop it. Thanks again!

It's quite the work of art. Optimised towards Synthesizer Mastery: high impact, high income, and fun. Interested?



Samuel Justus
Andrew Kirby
Griffin A. Hamilton
Momo Feichtinger
Tarik Tekeli
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    @Andrew Kirby Yes yes! I recently got into Notion and love it. I just created a video idea workflow table - it’s helped immensely with organizing my video ideas and working on the videos.

UPDATE: thanks for all these replies, I no longer have a problem with low energy, I honestly don't even know what helped me, maybe I started to be more strict with waking up and going to sleep, every day at the same time, and the morning walks, but I'm still open to hear, what helped you guys maximize your energy hey guys, so I need some help and thought this will be a great place to ask it, I have low energy, and I just don't understand why, because logically it feels like I do everything right: - I have 8-9 hours of sleep every day - I go to the gym 3x a week for one hour - I go cycling in nature for 30 minutes every day - I try to eat healthy (no seed oil, sugars, or processed food) - my room has a lot of windows, so I got sunlight in the morning - I don't use any electronics 1 hour before bed and have blue light blockers here is what my day looks like: I wake up at 7 am, sit down in front of my computer work till 12, then I eat my first meal, (so I intermittent fast 16:8) after it I go back and work. at 2 pm I go to the gym, at 3 pm I go cycling and after it, I usually do some work outside for an hour, then I'm in front of my computer till 9 pm, I turn it off and go to sleep at 10 pm I'm a noob when it comes to high performance and energy optimization, but if anyone has solved this problem, and has some expertise in this field, I would love to hear your advice these are my ideas on why I have low energy: - I spend too much time in front of my computer - I only eat 2 meals a day (btw I usually feel this tiredness afternoon) - maybe not enough water? - lack of supplements? - my diet is not good enough, thinking of changing to a carnivore fruit diet also, I don't drink coffee only some green tea sometimes and I meditate, journal, and read before bed, Idk if this helps



Shubham Yadav
Connor Widmaier
Alan Paul
Aleks Fidurski
Saqib Rasool
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    This might sound basic but I have to ask... How much social time do you get each day/week? How healthy are your closest relationships? How much fun do you have each week? I am talking actual fun. This is usually separate from exercise (in most cases). I have witnessed people and clients use all the tricks, tools, supplements, and hacks but if the above are not dialled in it is easy to fall into an energetic slump/fatigue.

I am hoping someone with experience in here can bring some clarity to this discussion. I have heard from some YouTubers to not share your YT videos on social media (ig, facebook) because it can lower your AVD because you have people who are just curious checking out your video quickly and then leaving. It could also cause you to gain subscribers who aren't your ideal viewer (again, confusing the algorithm). I have also heard from others that you should share your videos on ig stories and on other social accounts o drive traffic. Can @Andrew Kirby or anyone else in here shine some light on this?



Corey Bennett Boardman
Steven Shea
Marvin Gramkow
Jeff Harrison
Owen Sheasby
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    @Allan R. I agree with this. I am certainly not looking to trend jack or anything like that (no judgment to anyone who does that). I’d just like to have more than one video to share. A couple of my main priorities in making content are for my own self expression and as a creative outlet. I also don’t believe in chasing an algorithm mainly because to me it’s not some magic idea or controller of exposure to be chased. It’s quite clear what it wants - ctr and avd. That’s it. It just comes down to “do people watch your video when it’s put in front of them?’ If our current content doesn’t work on yt, we can find the reason in our answer to my previous question. You make a good point about my friends judgment. I agree with that for sure.

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    @Marvin Gramkow I 100% agree with this and I believe it’s important to get input from the right sources. What looks like a bad idea to a common mind can look like a great idea to a pro and what looks like a great idea to a common mind can look like a terrible idea to a pro. That’s quite often the case which is what makes the pro a pro, they don’t slip into the common assumptions that many of us make on our path to going pro (if pro/mastery is what one is after). Thanks for your input here

Hello Everyone, I finally made the shift from "I want to upload a video to youtube" to "How can I improve my next one?" @Andrew Kirby convinced me almost a year ago, that I need to share the lessons I've learned with the world . But I was too scared to put myself out there. Then, when I decided to finally do it, it was too complicated from a technical point of view and I learned a lot about filming and editing. After hitting the "publish" button yesterday, all my fears and anxieties went away and I felt relieved. I know it's not the best video and it's painful for me to even watch it 😅 but I'm proud of myself that I did this 😊 I didn't share it with my family or my friends .. I wanted to only share it with a community like you who would understand what's it like to overcome all these mental and technical obstacles. So Kindly take a look and tell me honestly what you think 😇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQlrE5PbrNs&t=81s Obai



Juan Carlos Recalde
Michael Dean
Johan Lindqvist
Allan Rousselle
Obai Othman
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    Congrats! Great job! I actually just put up my first video 2 weeks ago. I guess now is a good time to share in here. Thanks for the inspiration to post!

I finally took the step from consumer to creator after almost 6 months of back and forth procrastinating and limiting beliefs, trying to post at least once a week going forward. Any feedback would be helpfull! https://youtu.be/6K3-PjHvq8g



Shivam Jha
Corey Bennett Boardman
Steven Shea
Johan Lindqvist
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    Congrats Johan! Good on you for putting in the work to learn to trade and now you're putting that together with video to share it with others! Freedom!! Keep up the great work!

After a long time of excuses, I finally published my first video on my new channel! (I posted a few random videos on YouTube years ago but it was just to host the videos for my website). I think I stalled for so long because I wanted doing video and YouTube something I could be passionate about but feared that once I got back into it I’d realize I didn’t love it. 2 weeks ago when I recorded, edited, and published this it was the most fulfilling week I had in many years. I LOVED it! I’m kinda obsessed now with making better videos Thanks to @Andrew Kirby and everyone else in here for being my inspiration behind the scenes. https://youtu.be/TGv2yIJ1BwI



Corey Bennett Boardman
Andrew Kirby
Martin Lilly
Johan Lindqvist
Steven Shea
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    @Martin Lilly Thank you!

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    @Johan Lindqvist Congrats on getting your first video up! Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback!

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