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Skool payments is LIVE! And it's cheaper than Stripe
Now you can charge money for membership to your community! Skool replaces your landing page, order form, merchant account, and everything else — it does everything, end-to-end, seamlessly. You add a price, share a link, get members, and make money. Watch the video to see how it works. Questions? Check out this Skool payments FAQ. Enjoy 🎉
Alex Shakhov
Tony Gonzalez
Frank Heininga
Benjamin Van Doorslaer
Sam Ovens
New comment 2d ago
4 likes • 28d
Got everything set up with Stripe Express to be able to use Skool payments next month and I'm so glad that it works in South Africa 🥳
1 like • 16d
@Ivonne Ramos thanks! Right now I am getting my course ready (recording the content) and when it's done I will use the Skool payments feature 😃
New features: Action posts + Pin post to module
Sometimes you want your members to take action. For example: Introduce yourself and share a photo of your workspace, or... Play this song on the guitar and share a video of you doing it. Simple actions make your community more interactive and fun. Remember the ice bucket challenge? Action posts — Describe the action you want your members to complete. When somebody comments, the action will be marked as complete. Pinning posts to modules — Now you can pin posts to course modules to make them more practical and interactive. For example: Your first module could be "Welcome! Start here" and give a quick overview of how things work with a call to action at the end to introduce themself and share a photo. You can pin any post to a module, it doesn't have to be an action post. You could pin posts relevant to the module, or a post with the title: "Module XYZ - Questions/discussion here" and use it as a comments section. Your turn: Complete this action by telling us what you think?
Complete action
Josh Gavin
Anthony Llanos
Raquel Hernandez
Christel Hughes
Tobin Jarrett
New comment 3d ago
1 like • 29d
Love it, this will definitely help to drive more initial engagement from my members when they first get into the community and start going through the classroom 🏆
1 like • 28d
UPDATE: I made an action post in my community yesterday and it got a good response from my members so this feature is great.
How We Built and Maintain Our 55,000+ Dental Community
More and more people are starting to build communities, and with Skool’s Membership Challenge coming up, I wanted to share some things that we've done to build and maintain the "Disneyland for Dentists" as @Sam Ovens has called it in some of his podcast appearances (linked in the comments below). We run a large Facebook group (we started it before Skool was a thing) in the dental space and currently have 55,000+ US-based dentists in the community. Engagement in the group is constantly around 90% (meaning that ~50k of the 55k members have engaged in the past 60 days). The community was grown 100% organically. Not a single dollar was spent on promotion. Here are the things that we did (and continue to do) to grow the group organically: 1. The most important thing is the quality of the content being shared in the group. This is by far the most important thing. I'd estimate that 70%+ of our group members were invited by someone already in the group. The quality of the content is the main reason someone invites someone else to join that group. There are no shortcuts here other than being consistent with great content. We posted daily for several years and now mix in new content and recycle our old posts as we've been at it for 5+ years. A ton of incredible content gets buried in the past posts so it's beneficial for new members to start recycling it after about 6 months of posting. 2. We contacted "all-stars" in the group and asked if they'd post regularly. If they agreed, we assigned them a day of the week. We have had dozens of incredible group members posting once per week on their scheduled day for years. These people come and go, but we always have an excellent rotation of group members consistently posting in the group. This helps to have great content from other people rather than from admins. This also encourages other group members to post and engage as it's more of a community sharing ideas rather than top-down from the leaders.
Brent C
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Zahida A Khan
Blake Willard
May Adams
New comment 3d ago
5 likes • Sep 13
Wow amazing thanks for sharing 🙌 your post gave me a lot of ideas on how I can improve my small but growing community 😃
Introducing "Discovery" — Explore Communities and Get Discovered
Now you can explore all the communities on Skool! This has two benefits: 1. Members can find communities that interest them 2. Communities get found by members (free advertising) Open your switcher (cmd + k) and click "Discover communities" to explore. You can search for anything, browse categories, and filter by free/paid, and private/public. We rank communities by an engagement/quality score. The more engaged your community is, the higher you rank. This means the better you make your community, the more members you get. Watch the video below for more info. Enjoy 🎉
Gabriel Padilla
Danny Westwood
Kobi Asare
Kory Kahley
Steven Pearson
New comment 28d ago
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Love this feature and I discovered some awesome communities by browsing around this Weekend and also noticed I rank pretty well for my community main keyword which is nice to know, thanks for the explainer video @Sam Ovens 🙌
2 Effective Ways to Grow a Low Ticket Membership on Skool
I've tried a ton of different methods to grow my $49/month Skool membership, but these 2 methods consistently work the best for me & my clients. The best part is, neither of them feel like you're selling anything. I'm in the process of trying a paid ads strategy to grow my Skool community, and will update you when I have results, but for now, try using these 2 organic strategies for consistent growth and let me know how they work for you. 🥂 Ted
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Ianthe Hernandez
Ted Carr
Carolina Herrera
Georgietta Roberts
Julius Witt
New comment 14d ago
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Very interesting thanks for sharing 🙌 My strategy to grow my community is a little different. I keep it super simple. I produce consistent content on my YouTube channel at least 3 videos per week and by doing that people are naturally curious about my community and they join and when a video really starts to pop off and gain a lot of traction the members come flooding in. Creating consistent content is not easy but this is my passion so I enjoy the process.
Voice messages and Group Messages
Just sharing another big feedback push to emphasize how BENEFICIAL it would be if Skool had: -Voice messaging -Group messaging Otherwise, I’m having to use Telegram to have my School’s needs met! I would so love for these to be on Skool!
Trey Cockrum
Hayley Porter
Danny Westwood
Christel Hughes
Sara Kremer
New comment 14d ago
1 like • Sep 2
Voice notes would be massive!
Easy Way To Grow Your Community
Im actually shocked how easy it was, especially being an ads guy. All you have to do is make a YouTube video about something your audience wants or has interest in. Then drop your skool link in there And if you really wanna do something call offer a lead magnet and deliver in the skool community. I have a small channel and by doing this if Im Consistent with videos I do between 20-30+ leads a month on YouTube. Then cross posting on other platforms I did 20+ in a single day.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Erika Kulpina
Steven Pearson
John Cunningham
Zahida A Khan
New comment 19d ago
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@Erika Kulpina thank you 😃
0 likes • 25d
@John Cunningham that's awesome John. With YouTube you can definitely reach millions of people with your content and it's never too late. You can just start and learn from very helpful channels like Think Media on YouTube who have some really good advice and if you want to go into more detail they offer courses too to jumpstart your YouTube success 🙌
Any advice welcome. I have always hosted my groups on FB and got great engagement. I am finding engagement in my courses on SKOOL great.. (I love it and so do they) however engagement in the community on Skool is not great. I don't want to take them back to FB for better communication. Eg I get notififed when they tag me there, I only seem to get this when I login to Skool.... I can't tag everyone in the group at once and can only email them every 72 hours.... and can't go live (all methods I usually use to connect with them all and connect them with each other) How is everyone else successfully getting group engagement in their Skool Community- I would love to improve this. thanks so much- J
Genc Doda
Matthew J. Watts
Shaun Michael
Dom Thorpe
Jo Davison
New comment 20d ago
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@Genc Doda great tips, I will implement these 🙌
2 likes • 26d
@Matthew J. Watts
Free Private Community vs Free Public Community
Whats everyone's experience? Pros and cons of each? I'm leaning towards a free private community with locked (paid) workshops using the calendar
Steven Pearson
Bijan Izadi
Mariah Coz
Shaun Michael
Danny Mallinder
New comment 21d ago
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If you don't want non members to see what's in the group make it private but if that's not a problem for you make it public.
1 like • 23d
@Bijan Izadi I don't believe so
Reduce Churn & Increase Ascensions with this Fulfillment Model
I started my first paid Skool community and have $8,800 in MRR in the last few days of officially opening it up and plan to scale this to 1,000 members in the coming months. In efforts to reduce churn and increase those who ascend into my mastermind, I have implemented this "Fulfillment Focused" approach to managing our customers. I just wanted to share some behind the scene insights that we've setup and hopefully this can help you in your paid communities as you grow! Thanks for watching :) I would love to hear... What you are doing to keep churn low as possible in your memberships? 👇
Drew Laughlin
Alex Billaut
Steven Pearson
Lauren Natelborg
Doug Boughton
New comment 21d ago
0 likes • Sep 11
Awesome, thanks for showing the behind the scenes of your business 🙌
Private Recurring Membership inside Public Group!
Can I run Private Recurring Membership inside Public Group by giving access to certain modules to paid members? Any examples of the groups like this?
Éva Raposa
Zahida A Khan
Steven Pearson
Aby Vohra
Erika Kulpina
New comment 23d ago
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@Erika Kulpina in the future will we be able to have a paid community using Skool payments and then have additional paid courses in the paid community that unlock with another Skool payment, one-time/recurring? 🤔
Skool Vs. Go High Level, what is going on?
Hello everyone, Have any of you had the chance to try out the communities feature on Go High Level? I must say, it looks quite promising. GHL. Communities look pretty similar to skool. I'm curious to hear your thoughts and experiences with it.
Steven Pearson
Anthony Llanos
Valentin Rosas
New comment 23d ago
2 likes • 28d
Looks like they tried their best to copy n paste Skool into their platform.
Feature Request: Reorder Pinned Posts within Community
I have a "Start Here" post that I keep pinned for new members that I would like to keep at the top of my Community timeline at all times. I also pin a weekly goals post to keep engagement going week over week, however, every time I pin a post I have to unpin and repin the "Start Here" post to keep it at the very top. It would be so much easier if we could adjust the placement of the pinned posts like we do Modules in courses.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Nicolas Moy
Daragh Walsh
Steven Pearson
New comment 23d ago
0 likes • 23d
Agreed, this would be a game changer ✅
Fixing Course Dimensions in Mobile App
Help, her head is cut off! 😆 Would love to see this interface get cleaned up to match the desktop UI! 🙏
Steven Pearson
Joshua St. Clair
Erika Kulpina
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Asmâa Methqal
New comment 23d ago
0 likes • 26d
As of right now you just need to optimise the thumbnail image in your photo editor to make sure it looks relatively the same on desktop and mobile. Like just shift the women down a bit in your editor 😃
1 like • 24d
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe I'm not Joshua but I will check how it looks on my mobile ✅
Help - how to use Skool for both 30-day Course and a Q&A membership?
Hi all. I am running a 30 day course to help people improve their health by optimising their circadian rhythm (for 97/month) My first month I have 24 paying members which I'm very happy with. But I also have a podcast and YouTube following with a range of other health, nutrition & regenerative farming topics. I want to offer a Q&A membership separate to the circadian course for 20/month for general curious people who want to ask questions and participate in a video Q&A and support my work but not have any access to circadian (or other) course material. What is the best way to implement this using Skool? I suspect there is a much larger group of potential members that would get value out of a product like this but I am unsure exactly how to execute. Many thanks in advance for your answers.
Bijan Izadi
Dr Max Gulhane
Steven Pearson
New comment 23d ago
3 likes • 24d
I would create 2 Skool groups in this situation ✅
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