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How To Unlock The Program (£5,000 Certification FREE)
How you unlock the program (watch this video) to get certified as an Expert Coach (*************IMPORTANT*************) . . . UNLOCKING THE PROGRAM If you want to be a great coach Then you have to interact and practise your coaching skills as you go through the whole program. without practice, you will not get better. . . . The whole program can be unlocked within 2 1/2 weeks (average) Some have done it in 8 days. Some have done it in less than that. . . . Level 4 unlocks the entire program. The Expert Coach is gamified so you get the most from it. Modules get unlocked as you go through the program The more you do the more points you earn You earn points by interacting within the group. . . . How to earn points: -Post questions on your tasking If people engage with your post or question you earn a point per like/engagement. . . . CLICK THE CLASSROOM ICON AT THE TOP TO ACCESS THE MODULES AS YOU EARN POINTS YOU WILL UNLOCK MORE OF THE PROGRAM> . . . WELCOME TO THE EXPERT COACH COMMUNITY My name is Ed and I hope this is going to transform your life like nothing else you have experienced before. . . The Expert Coach Certification is sold for £5,000. This is not some fake marketing technique to get you to trust me. The truth is the online space today is not that empowering. There are few communities available for coaches and consultants That provides real value and most are just spam communities. . . Day in and day out my ads get bombarded with negative comments about coaching I get tired of people commenting negative things. how all coaches just want to make money etc Coaching is a scam etc Making money is not why I decided to become a coach. There is nothing wrong with making money from coaching However, if it is the most important factor to you as a coach You are most likely going to fail. . . Money is a by-product of being an amazing coach. Money is a by-product of being able to create amazing transformations with clients The truth is most coaches/consultants are just not that good at the skill of coaching
Tom Brooks
Dave Mutter
Rachel Dean
Raj Dash
Shane Harada
New comment 54m ago
6 likes • Sep 21
@Sarah Rudnicki Indeed they do! Welcome Sarah 🙏
1 like • 6d
@Martha Acevedo I've become more aware of this recently! My tendency to discount my own capabilities because I spent most of my whole like seeking external validation. Now it's time to validate myself and see the value in what I have to offer ✊
I unlocked the whole course in less than 3 days!!
I did it!! And I feel so excited!! I’m actually amazed by it 😁 Just immerse yourself into this experience, put in the effort and you can do it too 💪 Next goal is to go through the whole course before this week ends and then start again from the beginning next Monday to really drill the frameworks and the tools in!!
Mika Mäki-Leppilampi
Steve Allen
Dana Safatli
Martha Acevedo
Samantha Swann
New comment 3h ago
11 likes • 27d
@Mika Mäki-Leppilampi Amazing Mika 👏 This community does have an incredible effect on knowing what's possible.
Inspirational quote you use often.
As part of my coaching I like to share inspirational or motivational quotes. What are some of your favorites???
Elena Zanfei
Steve Allen
Marie Miranda
Martha Acevedo
David Walter
New comment 5h ago
3 likes • Oct 28
@Sarah Clayton Exactly! The people who recoil at a quote like this are so afraid of the thought of death, it hasn't occurred to them that they might not be living fully. When we can truly feel at peace that today is a good day to die, it stop consuming our lives and we begin living in the in the now.
1 like • 2d
Just to expand on this, it's all about ego death. It doesn't mean I want to die physically, but when we can accept our physical death, it releases the attachments our ego has created to keep us believing that any part of us is in control.
Facebook Funnel Review
Thank you @Diana Savei & @Kevin Gillespie for your offer to review my book funnel and give me some suggestions. It's been going on and off for a month or so and the results are MEH 🤔. Providing all details below. I cannot thank you enough!
Elena Zanfei
Terri Wilson
Steve Allen
Sue Cullen
Martha Acevedo
New comment 6h ago
2 likes • 15h
I'd also be glad to take a look at this. Will check out the links in a bit ☺️
Are we seeking significance
Here’s a thought that just occurred to me. Tony Robbins talks about the different human needs - one being the need for significance. While I know that most of us coaches become coaches because we want to serve but is there a level of significance that gets created for us in the process of helping others? 🤔🧐 What do you think?
Terri Wilson
Elena Zanfei
Karen Christine Sengupta
Jessica Stolte Bender
Steve Allen
New comment 14h ago
3 likes • 6d
This is very interesting. Significance was one of the needs that stood out to me when learning about them. Maybe it comes down to interpretation? All I know for sure is that I want high self-esteem, which I think could be interpreted as someone with significance, but I only I can determine my self-worth.
1 like • 14h
@Elena Zanfei I see what you're saying. Something I believed my whole life was that I wanted to help people. But in 2020, I came to realise there was a lot of self interest behind the need. I've reflected on this intensely since then, because my whole identity seemed to hinge on me helping others someday. In other words, I think I was placing too much need for significance in this one thing. Today, I want to help people based more on my values, which are more in alignment with growth, contribution, and certainty. Significance for me now is more about influencing others. If people see what I'm doing and what I've created as significant, they will be inspired to do something similar.
I hit Level 6! 🎉
I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you in this community. Your support, insights, and shared experiences have been invaluable in this journey.
Roland Tamini
Talia Tamblyn
Melinda Williams
Elena Zanfei
Steve Allen
New comment 15h ago
3 likes • 15h
Congrats Roland! 👏
🔓Level 4 Unlocked... Thank you!
Not bragging guys, but I've unlocked the course in 3 days 😁 Honestly, I couldn't have done it without everyone's support, so thank you! I wanted to see how fast I could do it so that newbies don't feel disheartened and stop engaging with the community. Plus, I love a challenge 😁 Next step, get certified! I'll continue to share my insights and encourage other's along the way 🙏
Michelle Robinson
Elena Zanfei
Martha Acevedo
Bill Ringle
Priscilla Mugo
New comment 1d ago
2 likes • 6d
@Bill Ringle That's incredible progress Bill, congrats! I love the commitment to get certified quickly. Thanks for the inspiration.
2 likes • 6d
@Lisa Warrington You did it! 🙏 Congrats Lisa ✊
Live Expert Coach Session You Coming?
This Tuesday -5pm GMT I am doing a live session answering your questions. Plus I will be doing a live Demo of the Expert Coach Breakthrough coaching sessions What personal limitations would you like me to coach you on? - Lack of personal belief? - Money earning? - Procrastination? - Overwhelm? - Anxiety? - Productivity? - Fear of not being good enough? Comment " lets gooo" if you want the link and I ll send it to you Ps Remember You have 5 weeks to get your certification before Dec 18th All you have to do is - Complete the Expert Coach Modules - (Less than 20 mins a day) - Record and evaluate a coaching session - Send in your coaching evaluation so we can asses it - Complete the Feedback form send it into us
Ashley Green
Sarah Clayton
Maryna Rosen
Terrance Waddell
Karen Christine Sengupta
New comment 2d ago
8 likes • 18d
YES! I'll be there 🙌
Tiny Favour: If You Are Enjoying The Expert Coach?
Hi team I am blown away with how much you all are crushing It it's going to be such an amazing community. I get tons of lovely messages from you and it warms my heart. Thank you all for being here. I appreciate you xxx. Could you do me a tiny favour If you are getting lots of value from being here and you love the Expert Coach Program I know 50% won't do this and that's ok However, I would really appreciate it if you just took a little time to do this. Because it means as we grow as a community I give back to you more I can arrange cooler stuff like live in-person events, add fun bonuses etc It does really help. So if you can Could you write a short testimonial underneath this post Won't take you more than a couple of mins To encourage new people to join us? -Why do you love the Expert Coach Community? -What do you think of the Expert Coach Program? -Why should someone join? Or whatever you want to say Thank you so much I do really appreciate all of you here growing this together Big love Ed
Tracey MacLean
Emmanuel King
Zofia D
Tom Brooks
Tanya Brunello
New comment 2d ago
11 likes • Oct 6
I've gone through several coaching certifications, but they've often left me feeling overwhelmed and didn't offer much in terms of a structure to use with clients, ultimately hindering my confidence. Since starting the Expert Coach training, I've gained so much clarity around knowing exactly how to guide clients and I no longer feel stuck. What I like most about the training is how well it's structured and the level of detail. The lessons aren't too long either and it's very easy to follow. ALSO, the community is incredible. I have met some amazing people and we're all on this journey together, it feel so supported.
Unlocked the whole course in 18 hours.
If I can do it you can do it.
Steve Swift
Fady Milad
Nida Fazli
Sue Cullen
Martha Acevedo
New comment 4d ago
4 likes • 13d
Congrats! That's impressive 👏
Is Taking 100% Responsibility Always Possible?
In the Purpose of Coaching Module Section 1: PreTransformation - Module 7 Why do you think some people just cant seem to take responsibility for their actions? Just curious to your thoughts?
Dave Mutter
Ed JC Smith
Catherine Wright
Fady Milad
Linda Brown
New comment 6d ago
5 likes • Oct 7
Yes. We are 100% responsible for our own stuff 100% of the time. Whatever my circumstances or outcomes look like, I am responsible for that. This doesn't mean I'm responsible for any abuse inflicted on me in childhood. But it is my responsibility to heal from it and learn the patterns and strategies of of abusive people, so that I can protect myself in the future. If I find myself in an abusive relationship in adulthood, I am partly responsible for allowing that to happen to me. Without responsibility, I remain a victim of circumstance and never learn the lessons my reality is trying to help me discover. Being responsible means focusing on our own lives and not meddling with others people stuff or being over responsible for others. If we do that, we are doing them a disservice, preventing them from seeing where they aren't being responsible. It's also important to note that being irresponsible simply means a lack of awareness, therefore it isn't about blaming and shaming ourselves. It's about forgiveness and recognising where we have created an outcome that isn't in alignment with our highest good.
Unlocking the full EC training course
For those of you desperate for it ALL the course now unlocks fully at Level 4 💃 It's super easy to do, I've done it in literally 8 days just by interacting with the group, being honest, genuine and supportive (thats what community is all about). The reality is, the life of an entreprenur can be incredibly lonely with lots of up's and downs... therefore having a supportive community in the same space is incredibly powerful so take the opportunity, a lot of businesses charge a LOT more for a whole lot less - the rising tide lifts all ships, let's goooooo
Lucia Santa-Maria
Christina Johns
Steve Allen
Elena Zanfei
Mathieu Fortin
New comment 6d ago
1 like • Sep 19
Thanks for the encouragement @Jerome Forman unlocking the full course in 8 days is motivating ✊ Let's go!
This will floor you
Try this thought experiment; you have one hour to live. Your friends and relatives are too far away to visit or call. What are you going to do with your final hour? Sit in the park or by a river. Visit a busy bar and be surrounded by people? Once you’ve worked that out, make sure you spend the first hour of every day doing that. I’d be interested in knowing how you’d spend your last our guys
Ed JC Smith
Perry Wilson
Burak Sedona
Luisa Convers
Melanie Gamble
New comment 7d ago
3 likes • Sep 23
Love this! I would probably record a video with everything I have learned about healing from depression and finding peace and fulfilment, without needing to do anything or be anyone. Essentially it would be a very short video, but I would go on for as long as I could before uploading it to YouTube.
What's my coaching niche? 🤔
I've struggled with this for years. Not just with coaching, but business in general. How can I combine the following into one niche? Is it even possible? Enlightenment or spirituality (without religion) Healing trauma (dissociation and codependance) Addiction recovery Authenticity and living a purpose driven life Business growth and success I need a hybrid niche that encapsulates it all, but I'm stumped! Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated 🙏
Martin Luxton
Sarah Rudnicki
Maryna Rosen
Karen Christine Sengupta
Elham Golestan
New comment 11d ago
1 like • 14d
@Dara Wallsh Sounds interesting. Where do I learn about this?
0 likes • 14d
@Roland Tamini Thank you Roland. I think this is the niche for me. I am currently going through another certification on this specific area of coaching. One step at a time.
Point System Question
@Ed J C Smith and @Dave Mutter, I have a question about the point system. For you to know how many points we have, do we have to post them here in the community? How would you know if we are being honest about the points we have based on whether we do the taking or not? Also, for the Sacred accounts... Do we have to write them every day?
Elena Zanfei
Heather Carlile
Adam Gersbach
Sarah Rudnicki
Ben R
New comment 13d ago
2 likes • Sep 29
I was wondering this as well Lidia. Maybe the points system in the course were used before being brought into Skool which has its own points system. Still it begs the questions "how do we stay motivated with the course material?" and "do we need a certain amount of points before being certified?"
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