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Are you on LinkedIn?
Did you know that you can also connect with other AI enthusiasts on LinkedIn? I just started a new LinkedIn group called "Midjourney Lovers". The content will be everything about Midjourney, prompt sharing, news, tips and tricks, members can also share their knowledge and grow their connections or page followers! Join us and post your latest prompt. :)
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Are you on LinkedIn?
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I'm in linkedln but I don’t take care of it
Greetings from Bansko, Bulgaria!
Today I am exploring the lovely Bansko in the mountains, where the Digital Nomad Fest will take place. Over 1000 people are expected, a lot of workshops, presentations and outdoor activities are planned. I will register later for the festival and meet other attendees. Looking forward to learn more about digital nomad life and work!
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Greetings from Bansko, Bulgaria!
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Thanks you Stella !! better weather than france :)
Classroom changes... again! Midjourney course!
I was very excited about Skool's new feature, which allows the creation of paid courses inside the community. However, this feature does not allow us to have both options at the same time: old customers who paid through the website and new customers who will pay through Skool. When I changed all courses to be paid here, existing customers lost access! That is why I changed it back to the old condition and will wait for updates. You can still purchase my products on my website. The only (beta) course, that you can purchase now from inside our Skool community, is my new Midjourney course. I just created it and will fill it up with tutorials and my personal techniques in the next months. This Midjourney course will be updated with every new version, and the one-time price will increase over time. If you are interested in it, I would recommend getting it early at the lowest price right now for only 39$!
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Classroom changes... again! Midjourney course!
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What a pity. It was good to have everything in one place. It will be for later then
New cool feature on Skool - Check out our classroom!
Skool just released a great new feature that makes creating and enjoying Premium content much easier for you as a community member and me as your host! It is now possible for me to create paid courses directly inside the community in the classroom. Before, I needed to create and sell a product on my website and a locked course inside the community. You, as my customer, sometimes had to wait for hours to get access because I needed to give access manually (and sometimes I just slept in a different time zone). Now you can have a look in our classroom and you will see where you already have access, and which materials or courses you can buy! Paid courses will unlock immediately after payment. Be aware that some of my products are in different Beta stages (just started or almost finished). Prices in this Beta stage are significantly lower, so getting access in the early stages is absolutely worth it! In our classroom there is a course called "Premium Content". I will explain more about my paid products and how they can help you improve with AI art creation and monetization of your skills. Let me know if you will have a look at our new classroom and what you think about it!
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New cool feature on Skool - Check out our classroom!
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This is very good news, it avoids juggling in the different formations. On the other hand some of my formations are closed
Hi thank yu for having me! I am brand spanking new at this when I discovered Generating art with words, I was hooked. I am so excited to learn and hit the ground running. I am so incredibly excited by this I can't contain myself.This is so completely magical to me. Again thank you for having me!
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Welcome Courtney !!😉
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