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Architectural And Estimating Services
Hello, We at Estimanians LLC provide full accuracy in project cost estimation and material quantity take-offs. If you require any estimated services for your tasks, kindly let us know. Send the plans and specify the precise scope of the task. We will soon return with a plan that includes information about our fees and turnaround time. We will continue working on your assignment if you accept our proposal. Additionally, you can request samples. I'm grateful. Best Regards, Tobias Mckinney Project Manager Estimanians, LLC
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Hey, Anthony. Glad to have you here :)
🌟TODAY🌟 Coaching call with Niks Jansons at 3PM EEST!
Hey everyone, Already in 1 hour, at 3PM EEST there will be a zoom coaching call with @Niks Jansons !🔥 Don't forget to jump on the call because it will be super valuable and full of new insights, tips and tricks that you can implement in your business to drive more sales and be more successful! Here is the zoom link to join - See you there!
Introduction of LEOBEO Interior
Hello everyone I'm Arock I'm a free-lance Interior Designer, I'm planning to start an Online business to help the builders and construction companies with 2D &3D Architectural plans Design and Interior Design
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Amazing to have you here! :)🙌
To earn more, first get clear on your goal. 🎯
Heyy! If you want to make more money, your very first step is getting clear on your goal.. or how we like to call it - defining your Polaris - the North Star! ⭐ To set your goal, go to Classroom (if you haven't already), click on the first module and then watch "Defining Your Polaris" video. Or clik here 👉 It's time for action!🔥
🔱 Craft an irresistible offer - Get x10 more paying clients 🔱
It's a brand brand new day and brand new week! I want to speak about something really important here. Most business owners are simply “product sellers”. They operate like they’re in the Early Middle Ages. Laying out their goods and services... “Here’s what I got to sell you”. They have no resemblance of an irresistible offer. Instead, they have ‘resistible offers’. And while this might sound stupidly simple. You wouldn’t believe how many supposedly smart people in business don’t understand this. They think of what they would like to buy.. instead of what the market is demanding.. Here’s the solution... Create what Niks call an ‘Irresistable offer’. Which is about making an offer so hot that your prospects can’t refuse to buy it. An offer so burning hot.. That it melts any friction between you and the sale… And almost forces your prospects to buy. Your offer is the tip of the spear. It’s what makes your ads work. Your funnel convert. And when you get your offer right. Everything else becomes easy. Niks has got a saying for this… “If the offer doesn’t keep the founder up at is not strong enough.” If you are thinking now.. I don't know where to start.. I don't how to create this offer.. I don't know if it will work.. Here’s the good news… It's simple to put one of these little bad boys together. And Niks can do it for you. Niks has a strategy which helps to create an irresistible offer and has helped already hundreds of business owners to get more paying clients. CLICK HERE TO BOOK A 1:1 CALL WITH NIKS AND LET HE HELP YOU TO GET X2, X5 OR X10 MORE PAYING CLIENTS A MONTH! I promise that after this call even you will not be able to resist your own offer! Because it will be THAT GOOD. Stay Sharp & Stay Successful!
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Sintija Kaui
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I'm a mindset coach and a business mentor, helping people to expand their minds and grow their businesses to 5-6 figures a month.

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