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📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
Rebecca Courtney
Jakub Michalski
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
Lisa Walker
Lindsey Nicole
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
What are you favorite tools for running survey forms?
Looking to expand my toolbox. What are your favorite tools for running survey forms? +bonus points+ a friend is looking for one that can run semantic differential questions
Coco Curry
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
Marci Wolfish
Sindy de Vries
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Typeform and Survey Monkey
Your best exercises to improve team communication
Dear fellows, I'm sitting at a new concept around team communication and would be happy if you would like to share your best exercise and ideas around the topic - Improve team communication Thanks in advance 😍
Jakub Michalski
Göran Hielscher
Holly MacLean
Linus Öhman
Julie McManus
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@Caroline Van de Venne @Svenja Floberg Thiel I came here to say exactly that :) I like Disc to help teams to better understand everyone'spersonalaties and communication styles.
Landed first 2 hour workshop for $4k
Last week I facilitated a 2 hour workshop for an insurance company that wants to introduce a new offer to grow and change direction due to new California law that is killing its cash cow offer. To put things in context, in the past I charged $2k for a day. But, it never hurts to ask even thought the thought feels frightening. Best of the experience is that this was the first time I run this type of workshop - “The Story Framework Sprint” and in a new Indutry. Quote from the CEO - “we have too much knowledge in our head that it’s confusing to make sense of it in a simple way”. This helps to simplify our focus.
David Newman
Neal Williams
Lisa Rothstein
Javier von Westphalen
Jonathan Sharp
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Congratulations, well done! Where you happy with how the day went? Anything you would do differently next time? Did you send them a report or some sort of a deliverable with actionable insights afterwards?
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@Javier von Westphalen That's great. Positive feedback and valuable learnings to take with you!
Persona and Customer Journey workshop
Hi there! I'm putting together an online Persona/ Customer Journey workshop for an (industrial) b2b client. I've facilitated a live workshop like this before, using a canvas and a flip-over for structure. But I'm a bit worried about the energy when we do this online. Anyone experience doing this? Tips and tricks/ exercises are very welcome!
Karlis Skuja
Sindy de Vries
Janine Katzberg
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
New comment Oct 30
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Hi @Janine Katzberg , thank you. Acting out parts of the journey might be a good test at the end of a Persona workshop, to see if they truly understand each type of buyer. I will think through the chat-games a little more, to customise it for this specific goal. But it indeed sounds like a great energiser and as a way for them to find new insights. So, thank you!
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@Ömür Yanıkoğlu That's great advice, thank you. I agree, it's easier to overlook comments/answers of participants in an online workshop. Also, the not being able to walk around, listen in a bit and gauge the mood, is quite different from in person workshops. Thank you for your input!
DISC specific energisers/activities
Hey legends, I'm running a DISC session in 10 days with a small C suite group. Have a few but looking for more DISC based energisers or practical activities. Would love to hear any ideas or go-tos you use. Thanks
M Genevieve Pawlak
Meagan Wearne
Timothy Seitz
Brendon Cappelletti
Sindy de Vries
New comment Oct 29
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@Raj Mehta Great exercise: energising, a great ice breaker and a nice introduction into Disc!
Tool tips for time keeping
I've already complained about how unreliable I found the Time Timer to be. I had enough of it. So I ordered the Yunbaoit VT08 Pro Digital Rechargeable Visual Timer from Amazon (quite a mouthful). What can I say. It's rechargeable. It can count up and down. Easy to use. It's completely silent. And it shows the time on an analog display. It's cheap, even (compared to the Time Timer). Okay. It's also pretty small (but easy to read). The display is 6x6cm. I now use my Time Timer as a decorative piece on my shelf. Like AJ&Smart in their videos… Bonus tip: If you are looking for a virtual timer, check out It's a web application that can be controlled from another computer. Works with Stream Deck and OBS. Ace.
Dan Roberts
Janine Katzberg
Sindy de Vries
Tim Knight
Vanessa Jambois
New comment Oct 26
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@Megan Mozina Great tip, thank you for sharing
Meetup in Amsterdam on May 25th
*Disclaimer: This is not an official AJ&Smart meet-up. Hi everyone! It’s almost 3 months later, but…..we have a date 🎉 and a location! Together with @Lieke Kamp we organised a meetup in Amsterdam on Thursday May 25th. It will start around 🕢18:30 and it will ends around 21:30. It’s a meetup for and by the workshop enthusiasts! What the program will look like exactly, we all determine with a questionnaire🗒️. Please let us know if you think you will be there. We will share the link for the questionnaire and some additional information in the upcoming days.
Wesley Geesink
Ruben Willems
Martijn Hage
Sindy de Vries
Patrick Hallett-Morley
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@Patrick Hallett-Morley @Wesley Geesink Same here, I'm sorry I've missed the opportunity to meet other facilitators in Amsterdam. Definitely open to attend the next meet up!
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Sindy de Vries
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Hi, I am a (strategic) creative director, interested in becoming a facilitator. Hoping to meet and learn from others here!
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