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I unlocked the whole course in less than 3 days!!
I did it!! And I feel so excited!! I’m actually amazed by it 😁 Just immerse yourself into this experience, put in the effort and you can do it too 💪 Next goal is to go through the whole course before this week ends and then start again from the beginning next Monday to really drill the frameworks and the tools in!!
Mika Mäki-Leppilampi
Steve Allen
Dana Safatli
Martha Acevedo
Samantha Swann
New comment 3h ago
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@Sebastian Corradini what are you guys planning to coach on?
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@Sebastian Corradini I work with bilingual/multilingual helping them leverage their languages skills
❤️Sending love to the community❤️
Hi people how is life? I just wanted to introduce myself in order for all us to get the most out of this amazing opportunity Ed and his team have laid out. My name is Simone currently living in London, I have Albanian origins but born and raised is Italy (yes I do love pizza too). Currently coaching bilingual/multilingual on how to leverage their language skills using the power of the internet. And you guys what do you do?
Sandra Graham
Simone Racaku
Fiona Brown
Priscilla Mugo
Karen Christine Sengupta
New comment 2d ago
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@Karen Christine Sengupta this is so noble of you, giving their lives back. Keep going!
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@Sophia Habibeche yes English, Italian, Albanian, Spanish and Portuguese…basically the languages I speak And you what do you do?
Need a Closer?
Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone is looking for a closer by anychance. I am available for 30h a week, feel free to send me a private message.
Are you responsible?
As a coach, do you feel you are responsible for fixing clients problems?
Martha Acevedo
Elena Zanfei
Raj Dash
Vickie Ireland
Sue Cullen
New comment 6d ago
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This a great question @Elena Zanfei Id say it all depends if they ask you first for an opinion, then you can walk through a solution. Any thoughts?
Would love to know...
I would love to know... 1) where you are from 2) ONE thing that no-one would guess about you 3) your BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goal). That was the acronym we used in my corporate days 🤣 I'll post mine in the comment
Elena Zanfei
Eva Snijders
Antony Abel
Hamid Acharrab
Karen Christine Sengupta
New comment 10d ago
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Hi @Elena Zanfei how is life? Let’s get this done… 1) currently based in London (uk) Albanian origin but I was born and raised in Italy 2) that I don’t like pasta anymore 😂 3) is to retire my mother alongside with building a multinational company.
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@Elena Zanfei yeah that was pasta, just edited now (keyboard in different languages 😂) Si, sono cresciuto bilingue, Italiano ed Albanese! I don’t know I feel like there are sooo many new dishes and flavours to experience that pasta looks too boring. A business consulting agency focused on companies growth.
What's my coaching niche? 🤔
I've struggled with this for years. Not just with coaching, but business in general. How can I combine the following into one niche? Is it even possible? Enlightenment or spirituality (without religion) Healing trauma (dissociation and codependance) Addiction recovery Authenticity and living a purpose driven life Business growth and success I need a hybrid niche that encapsulates it all, but I'm stumped! Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated 🙏
Martin Luxton
Sarah Rudnicki
Maryna Rosen
Karen Christine Sengupta
Elham Golestan
New comment 11d ago
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@Steve Allen as Ed said yesterday during the call “the more specific the better” you can do everything, look at yourself 2-3 years ago…that’s your niche. I personally working with bilingual/multilingual helping them leverage their language skills using the power of the internet. Anyone here who speaks more than 1 languages and if so which one?
What are you grateful for today?
Anyone opposed to share some gratitude here today…let’s go! I go first: I am grateful for the family god gave me and all those people I’ve meet during my life who I have shared positive thoughts with. I am grateful for not giving up after all the stress and struggles life presented me during this journey. I am grateful for being healthy, physically and mentally. Your turn now. ❤️ (In the picture, me and my sister on the first day we moved from a home-office to an actual one)
Antony Abel
Leila Lloyd-Evelyn
John Mance
Elham Golestan
Karen Christine Sengupta
New comment 11d ago
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@Leila Lloyd-Evelyn you are giving so much love away and getting postive energy in return, well done!
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@Antony Abel getting the right amount of vitam D, amazing!
Completed level one
Just completed level 1, waiting for level 2 to unlock up, not sure how many comments I need to make to unlock the next level?
Simone Racaku
Avinder L
New comment 13d ago
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I I’ll give you a hand here @Avinder L What are you coaching on?
Too Busy Being Busy?
I catch myself in this loop quite often: I start my day with intention and then by the end of the day I'm simply busy being busy. Ed's coaching on auditing our time usage was spot on today. If I'm going to get the specific result I want, I have to create very clear, conscious boundaries around my business and my time, and that starts with a time audit so I can choose the use of my time. Thanks, @Ed J C Smith
Antony Abel
Vickie Ireland
Roland Tamini
Simone Racaku
New comment 13d ago
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This is why a TO DO LIST made the night before is so important. Gives you already a direction for the days without having to think on what has to be done.
The more people you speak, the more people you can help
Morning guys, I wanted to share this circling back to what Ed said yesterday…”the more people you speak the more money you can make” Anyone here who speaks more than 1 languages and if so which one?
Antony Abel
Simone Racaku
New comment 13d ago
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@Antony Abel brush it up man and let those money flows
Hi everyone, I am historically a graphic designer with a print design background and am seeking a brand new venture! Currently going through a 30 day process with Tony Robbins! (not in person;).
Sandra Giudicelli
Oscar Rodriguez
Barry Davies
Simone Racaku
Antony Abel
New comment 14d ago
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@Barry Davies what’s the 30 day challenge with Tony, can you tell me more?
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@Barry Davies looks like the type of challenge that can give you your life back, keep going!!! Good luck!
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Simone Racaku
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Living in London, I am a multilingual business consultant with experience in Sales and Marketing, coaching bilingual/multilingual individuals.
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Joined Nov 20, 2023

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