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What's my coaching niche? 🤔
I've struggled with this for years. Not just with coaching, but business in general. How can I combine the following into one niche? Is it even possible? Enlightenment or spirituality (without religion) Healing trauma (dissociation and codependance) Addiction recovery Authenticity and living a purpose driven life Business growth and success I need a hybrid niche that encapsulates it all, but I'm stumped! Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated 🙏
Martin Luxton
Sarah Rudnicki
Maryna Rosen
Karen Christine Sengupta
Elham Golestan
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What are you really passionate about, find the one thing that over-rides others and start with that. When people see your passion they will gravitate towards you. Establish your expertise in one area and then build and add as you grow.
Identity Crisis
Having recently been made redundant along with several other mainly US based colleagues, it has been interesting to deal with who am I? We place so much value on a title, job, company and salary that once it is gone, we are left standing just with who we are. Having offered my US contacts to other colleagues to find another job in the US, I am fast tracking a plan that was meant to happen in 3 years, selling up an apartment and moving back to Australia. This too is an identity question, going back after 20 years having lived in different countries, cities and cultures.
Sarah Clayton
Catherine Wright
Roland Tamini
Shane Harada
Martha Acevedo
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Sometimes when things happen its a wake up call, an opportunity for us to connect with our true selves. I spent many years in a profession that I no longer enjoyed and I stayed way too long, my spirit was been suffocated by a sense of conformity and obligation when it really wanted to be free to re-create a life worth living. Any change is scary, but remember those thoughts and feelings are not who you are, that is just part of your mind not happy with change, but change is necessary for you to grow. Its like pruning a rose.
How to progress
I'ved gone throught the pre-transformation section but how do I demonstrate that I have done what was asked. Do I need to send it in or something. Thanks in advance Cheers Simon
Shane Harada
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How important is spirituality in business?
I’m a very spiritual coach and I cannot separate what I do from my conviction that a spiritual connection is a requirement for successful living. But I know not everyone feels the same way so I’m curious, what are your thoughts? Is that an important component or can you reach success and true happiness without spirituality of any sort. Genuinely interested in knowing.
Martha Acevedo
Elena Zanfei
Lakia Pope
Tom Brooks
Priscilla Mugo
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When are living truly from our own spirit, it stands to reason that we then become a more authentic version of ourselves, and in business people can see and feel this. It will be manifest in all your dealings. Spirituality is demonstrated by service to our fellow human beings, and great service is rewarded financially. Regardless of the field in which we operate.
What is healthy competition and what is unhealthy competition?
I am curious what people think is healthy competition and what is unhealthy because collaboration and groups go further when they are moving/flying together, and minimises people feeling jealous or feeling left behind. Team achievement is far more rewarding than individual (is this true or false?) ED has set us a coaching course so what can we do that we aren’t doing to get as many of us through this challenge but excavating qualitative insight and coaching knowledge through the adventure so we can be enlightened with healthy self- awareness 🤔 Encouragement and support is like water
Shane Harada
Nick Grover
Edd Mowbray
Catherine Wright
Simo Poole
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The only competition you have is with yourself. You should always strive to be better today than you were yesterday. Been the best version of yourself is all you can ever be, competition what competition. lol
Changing Beliefs
It was so insighful for me to go within and analyse the beliefs I have been holding that has ceated certain behavious but most importantly limited me from expanding my life. Especially the belief amount money and being approachable to connect with people. Have you analysed any of your beliefs that that held you back.
Simo Poole
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As the great psychologist William James once said "Your belief will create the fact" but how do we change our beliefs you may add. Well our beliefs are based on our evaluation of something and if we periodically re-examine those beliefs we very often find that our beliefs have changed. Sadly most people rarely do what you have do and analyse their beliefs. Our beliefs change our behaviour and so we need to regularly examine our beliefs and ask the question "Is this true".
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