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I just turned a post into a video
Hey everyone! Decided to turn a post I made into a video, lately I kinda changed the way I create content I try to first find an interesting idea, write about the idea to understand more deeply and to fill in all the holes in my logic and to expand on it and once I like it I turn the writing into a video. Any feedback is appreciated, I again felt a lot of resistance with this one but Im happy I put it out there!
New comment Jun 13
I just turned a post into a video
2 likes • Jun 12
Man glad you made a new video. I also relate to it. Its a good reminder that we are being influenced by the creators we watch the most. And that we have to be authentic.
Poll: Spotify Synthesizer podcast needs more content
Hey @Andrew Kirby have you thought about adding your latest (or all) videos to your spotify account? I would definitely listen to it! (While biking in the rain, as the Dutchman I am) Who else would want more content on Andrew his podcast?:
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New comment Jun 8
2 likes • May 29
@Andrew Kirby That would be amazing 😁
How much time do you spend in writing your scripts?
I spent last months learning everything about copywriting, ghostwriting and youtube script writing I bought courses from Copy hackers, Dan Koe, George Blackman and watched so many Yt videos And One thing I learnt these months is - Writing is foundation of media and content. Every content piece whether written or video is based on the writing. Your offer Your story Your emails Your emails Your courses Your carousels Your newsletter Your reels/shorts script Your X and LinkedIn post And, your YouTube video script Give at least 2 hour of your time into writing to change your content game
New comment May 24
2 likes • May 23
I spend about 3 hours per week for the newsletter which is also a youtube video and a blog :)
Money Killed YouTube, Here's How We Fix It
Recommended video: I'd recommend you watch the first couple minutes, then skip to 8:31.
New comment May 18
Money Killed YouTube, Here's How We Fix It
1 like • May 17
@Corey Bennett Boardman Ayy I uploaded a few days ago and I don't know why but it has 450 more views than my usual video. Which is a lot for me :) so that's a good beginning What are you next plans and goals Corey?
1 like • May 18
@Corey Bennett Boardman ay good progress man, hope you feel lighter soon
For the healers in the group
I know you want to help more people heal and achieve a state of freedom from pain and suffering. But getting people to listen or even trust that they can heal with your services, can be a challenging journey. Here's the great news: there's one simple shift that if you make, it will allow you to impact more lives. And it's not getting more marketing coaching or business coaching for that matter. I talk about it in this recorded session I've had last week:
New comment May 14
For the healers in the group
3 likes • May 8
In other words, if you were an alchemist; You have to clearly show them that they will turn into gold, not metal. 🧙‍♂️
1 like • May 12
@Bogdan Rosu its the overlap between productivity and spirituality for me. I realized that meditation and getting your work done requires the same skill of “gently putting your focus back on the task” i just love that spiritual perspective on entrepreneurship. Just like your shaman mindset. We are cyber shamans 💪
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