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Thumbnails - I SUCK
Can you tell me how to suck less? Heyo, I am new to this so my thumbnails are terrible. Do you recommend a great software, AI, amazing tools? Have a great day!
Matt Penas
Ian Agard
Shahzar Ali
New comment 27d ago
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@Matt Penas would you recommend any tools, software or AIs to help with thumbnails?
The ‘Hiroshima’ Of Advertising Is Upon Us ⚠️⚠️⚠️
There’s a war being fought right now, and you’re part of it. But the scariest thing, is that this ‘war’ began before you were born… It started before your mom and dad became adults… …It started before your grandparents bought their houses… …And it even started before advertising gained ‘mainstream’ relevance… …In fact, this war is probably the longest standing conflict humankind has ever been a part of… And the enemy is right in front of us. But the worst part is… 90% of the world doesn't even know who the enemy is… …And that 10% who DO WHO KNOW the enemy is, is treated like they’re just being paranoid, or they’re called a conspiracy theorist, or even a lunatic… …But you and I know who that enemy is, and what they’re doing… The enemy, is nothing but anyone and anything that spreads ‘sketchy’ information… We’re FIGHTING the mainstream media. They ARE the enemy, and they’ve been the enemy all along. They’ve been manipulating the masses, to a point, even YOU believe that… - Salt is bad for you - Sunlight makes you weaker - Men should be feminine - Women should be submissive - Kids should be sexually active And I’ll stop it right there because you get the point, and we could go on for ages… The reality is… These ‘mainstream’ media outlets want to distract YOU from the TRUTH. And the truth is that, as people who run ads, we grab, keep, and monetize attention… But not for the sake of getting richer or getting ‘bragging rights’ over cool ads people can’t help but watching… We do it because we want to ELEVATE the standards of this industry, and EDUCATE the world to make better decisions. We do this because we care. We do this because we believe in something bigger than ourselves. We do this because the WORLD needs it… And we’re doing it ONE ad at a time. I realized all that while spending the weekend at Cole Gordon’s Mastermind in Cabo, Mexico… …And I’ve never been so clear about my purpose in this life, and what I’ll die for if I have to. And this is important for you, because for the longest time, you probably didn’t know where you’re going or WHY you’re going there in the first place…
Mika Karthe
Brian Moncada
Troy Colmer
Regina Martinelli
Frédéric Dame
New comment Aug 25
3 likes • Aug 7
I'm in. Brian I really couldn't agree with you any less. Honestly, it's great you talk about this. People in this community may call you a lunatic but don't worry bro. I am with you. The Boys are with you.
Hey, brand new place, So brand new intro. I am Shahzar Ali from London. I started pretty bad. I won't lie. Constantly procrastinating. Worrying of how poor I might perform. Worried if I would fail or never improve. Literally, worrying about the future, while placing no good effort on the present. However, I started reading, listening and most importantly, implementing, ACTION. Getting work done. Boy it felt good. However, I soon realised that business is hard. You need to give it effort - NOT TIME- there is a distinction.
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Shahzar Ali
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Shahzar here!
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