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My name is Jake, and I'm very excited to join this community with you all. I grew up in Michigan and have worked in Los Angeles for almost ten years as an editor and digital artist. After watching all the breakdowns included with the Blu-ray, Cloverfield was the movie that interested me in VFX after finishing college/university. As an AE user initially, I've forced myself not to use it for the past three years as I continue to learn more about node-based compositing. I can't wait to grow (and level up) alongside one another. What made you interested in VFX? Thank you!



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    Hello @Jake Keller. What about me, I am so excited when I see the breakdown where only a simple shot of a human can be made a huge scene that can tell such an interesting story. VFX for me is about creating worlds from nothing. Node system can be scary at the first time, but after, became understood, that it is such a comfortable and useful than classic AE layers

Still on the topic of self development and awareness for professional growth, confidence plays a huge role on all of this. So, I thought I’d share this video with some tips to boost your confidence. Hope you like it!



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    Thanks! And don’t forget that all of us are unique and sometimes that best don’t compare yourself with others

I am glad to be a part of this community. I have always loved Films. My first meeting with video editing was in 2013 when I was a student. I find a part-time job on TV Chanel as a video editor. It was exciting like a serious first job, but boring to work with oldies on no one’s needed government content. After the “Revolution of dignity” (Ukraine) I lost a job because the TV center was located right in the middle of the revolution and I participated in it after work. Further were problems in my family and I had to think about hustling money and not about my dream work. Next time, in 2016-2017 I decided that I had to make money through work that I would love. I bought a camera and start a make videos as a freelance filmmaker combined with my other business. I made videos for companies, and private businesses for all except weddings. First 1.5 years I felt amazing. I collected and spend the money on education to move to a more creative sphere of Filmmaking, but after ending one of the relatively expensive schools and not getting the expected result. I have been scared that I was stuck, but still continued looking for opportunities for growth. And in 2019-2020 happened a pandemic, and in the complete absence of a job, I find motion design and 3d graphics. This became my new way to grow and passion. I didn’t know how to earn the money on it. And tried to offer to include it in the video for my old clients, which step by step was returned to business after the pandemic. Finally, at the start of 2022, I had a full load of big creative projects at least for half a year. But on 24 February at 4 am I woke up with missiles exploding, Russia attacked my country, the war started, in 10min I packed my bags, take my relatives and was moving to an unknown direction to Europe. As a miracle, I leave the country through battlegrounds and now I am in a safe place, in a little town in Germany. I decided that I want to continue growing in the 3d sphere and find a job in one of Berlin’s VFX studios for communications and fast-growing my skills, and if to be honest I have a little tired of freelance, I need a small stability after the years :) I find an online VFX school to speed up making a portfolio, but unfortunately, it’s not helped me a lot, and I have to look for a piece of information through youtube tutorials to finish my portfolio and earn my goal to relocate to Berlin. After all, I wish all guys and gals do never give up no matter how hard it is. Everyone has their own story and own path and we must walk it with our heads held high. Peace :)



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