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Happy Christmas?
A Christmas, and hopefully timeless, message. Love and joy come to you friend X
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An author in our midst...
Wow, Carl! I just started reading your "Come Back to Life" PDF in the Classroom section. Some giggles and wow's and hmmmm's already! Great compilation. Thank you for sharing!
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Dec '23 
"Do you believe in GOD?"
I 'believe' (because I'm not sure) it was that Marmite man Jordan Peterson who responded to this question with something like: " It depends what you mean by 'believe', and it depends what you mean by 'god '. And, in his usual pompously erudite way, dismissed the question itself as a bit 'sixth-form' - a sneering jugement with which I actually have some sympathy. What does it matter whether anyone *believes* in anything? And how tedious is it to be trading and arguing over concepts and semantics? Perhaps another way of asking this question, or seeking to get to any true value within it, might be to ask: "What do you worship?" To me, that's the most important and telling information in this particular enquiry, after "why are you asking?" and maybe "why don't you mind your own damn business?!". Let me suggest then, for the purposes of rising above teenage debate and the horrifically un-useful game of 'my god's better than yours', that a far more functional investigation revolves around 'worship' and even 'adoration'. By that, I mean where do your thoughts habitually go? What are you obsessed by? And what gives you your life? (which nicely, coincidentally, brings us back to God) Notice now, that I am using a capital 'G' to emphasise the elevation of the object, the object of my attention, awe and wonder. Prompting me to ask the earnest seeker again: "What do you find yourself thinking about, predominantly?" As I have more readlly and easily, in recent years, observed or caught myself 'in consideration' or where I am pointing my perception, I am glad to report that my God is less the problems of the world and my momentary fears or anxieties, and more the wonder and appreciation of being. In fact, so good is the habit becoming, that I can catch myself being caught up, velcro-like, on the many and dreadful prompts of the inherited culture and simply release them - allowing joy and wonder to be present, instead, again. My 'God' - that which overwhelmingly draws my attention - is less my worldly fears and preoccuptaions, and more an active wonder and revelry in my momentary, yet seemingly eternal, being.
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I guess I like Marmite :) Great read, Carl.
A big Hello to new member, Sarah Taylor
A BIG welcome to @Sarah Taylor. Welcome to this space where we can share thoughts and ideas about The Barefoot Broadcast Shows AND also astrology. You'll see there's three tabs above the stream 'The Barefoot Broadcast CHAT!', 'Astrology Chat & Learning' and 'Astrology Forecasts'. Personally I just click on 'All' so I see it all, but if you're more one way or the other, it works as a helpful filter. Please join me in welcoming Sarah. Am very much looking forward to chatting more. xxx
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Thank you, Louisa! 😃
Why are we here? JOIN US IN THE CHAT ROOM
My first offering on The Barefoot Broadcast poses this question 'What are we doing here? What's the point of us?' I'm joined by top coach and all round nice guy, Benjamin Stubbs and of course MR M (hubby). Please join us if you can xxxxx THE LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE IS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday ➜LONDON/LISBON 10AM ➜PARIS 11AM ➜SINGAPORE 5PM ➜SYDNEY 7PM ➜UNITED STATES (sorry it’s a bit early) 2AM PST / 3AM CENTRAL / 5AM EST
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Great first question! 😃
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