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Get Your Certification - Plus 3 Live Interventions FREE
Warning Don’t Miss Out on This! I want to do something to help you fast-track your certifications keep you motivated and help you grow yourself and your ability to grow your coaching business This can be completed in less than 20 minutes per day. . . The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring have contacted us to say they will be closed between 18 Dec and 7 Jan for certification approval. . . This means we have 5 weeks to get you through and certified if you complete everything before 18th December If you do that as a BONUS I am going to give you 3 Live Strategic Interventions I have recorded from my annual transformation retreat in Bali. These are deep-dive live sessions which people loved watching. You can learn so much from watching coaching live. It will blow your mind. . . Clients paid $5,000 to come to the retreat. All you have to do is complete the Expert Coach Certification requirements and you will get them for FREE . . Here is what you have to do: - 1. Complete all modules of the Expert Coach Program (Less than 20 mins per day) - 2. Email us your tasking - 3. Email us a recording of one of your coaching sessions for us to review - 4. Complete the Coaching -Assessment document of that coaching session  Who's up for it? Let me know
Terri Wilson
Lakesha Cole
Rachel Aponte
Nikki Meyer
Sue Cullen
New comment 10m ago
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Am in !!!!!
I unlocked the whole course in less than 3 days!!
I did it!! And I feel so excited!! I’m actually amazed by it 😁 Just immerse yourself into this experience, put in the effort and you can do it too 💪 Next goal is to go through the whole course before this week ends and then start again from the beginning next Monday to really drill the frameworks and the tools in!!
Mika Mäki-Leppilampi
Steve Allen
Dana Safatli
Martha Acevedo
Samantha Swann
New comment 1h ago
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@Mika Mäki-Leppilampi wonderful .
How To Unlock The Program (£5,000 Certification FREE)
How you unlock the program (watch this video) to get certified as an Expert Coach (*************IMPORTANT*************) . . . UNLOCKING THE PROGRAM If you want to be a great coach Then you have to interact and practise your coaching skills as you go through the whole program. without practice, you will not get better. . . . The whole program can be unlocked within 2 1/2 weeks (average) Some have done it in 8 days. Some have done it in less than that. . . . Level 4 unlocks the entire program. The Expert Coach is gamified so you get the most from it. Modules get unlocked as you go through the program The more you do the more points you earn You earn points by interacting within the group. . . . How to earn points: -Post questions on your tasking If people engage with your post or question you earn a point per like/engagement. . . . CLICK THE CLASSROOM ICON AT THE TOP TO ACCESS THE MODULES AS YOU EARN POINTS YOU WILL UNLOCK MORE OF THE PROGRAM> . . . WELCOME TO THE EXPERT COACH COMMUNITY My name is Ed and I hope this is going to transform your life like nothing else you have experienced before. . . The Expert Coach Certification is sold for £5,000. This is not some fake marketing technique to get you to trust me. The truth is the online space today is not that empowering. There are few communities available for coaches and consultants That provides real value and most are just spam communities. . . Day in and day out my ads get bombarded with negative comments about coaching I get tired of people commenting negative things. how all coaches just want to make money etc Coaching is a scam etc Making money is not why I decided to become a coach. There is nothing wrong with making money from coaching However, if it is the most important factor to you as a coach You are most likely going to fail. . . Money is a by-product of being an amazing coach. Money is a by-product of being able to create amazing transformations with clients The truth is most coaches/consultants are just not that good at the skill of coaching
Tom Brooks
Dave Mutter
Cathy ONeill
Rachel Dean
Raj Dash
New comment 2h ago
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@Manoj Patel welcome. This is going to be a game-changer
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@Alicia Angel, you are awesome ✨ I also serve in my outreach I feel your passion. . Welcome to this amazing forum.
Inspirational quote you use often.
As part of my coaching I like to share inspirational or motivational quotes. What are some of your favorites???
Elena Zanfei
Steve Allen
Marie Miranda
Martha Acevedo
David Walter
New comment 4h ago
11 likes • Oct 27
One of my inspirational quote is "This too shall pass " and" Today am developing incredibly coping skills "
8 likes • Oct 27
@Shane Harada just love this.
What is spirituality for you and do you see yourself as spiritual? If so, how does it influence your work?
I struggled with the term spirituality for a long time. And I still do sometimes. Depending on who I talk to. If I perceive that the person is associating weird things and dogmatic concepts with this term, then I don't feel comfortable with calling myself spiritual. I actually would never just tell anyone that "I am a spiritual person". But if they ask me if I'd call myself spiritual, then I'd probably say yes and for sure elaborate on it. I would love to see some comments first before adding in my own answers tomorrow to keep the space open for anything that comes in from you :) EDIT: My statement Thank you for all your engagement - I am glad to see an interesting and stimulating exchange in the comments! DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the absolute truth - only my opinion/perception and I don't want anyone to think they have to believe me. Actually I'd love a challenge if sth does not make sense to you. And also I am sharing with you now some concepts/ideas that I am still researching on - so no guarantee. So about my own life, I have a few key-points what spirituality is for me/how I live it: 1. Lived spirituality is a very personal thing and it is very much connected to the way I feel about things/how present I am in the moment of doing/being. 2. The perception of the inner world is connected to the perception of the outer world. This can go from 'I am sad and anxious and I only see things that threaten me and make me sad" to 'I feel a positive emotion and at the same instance the sun is coming out from behind the clouds". 3. Thus: The events of my own life (thoughts, situations, perceptions, interpretations etc.) are directly correlating with my current state (current energetic frequency if you will). 4. The nervous system has a lot to do with my current frequency. Energy is higher, when the nervous system is activated more. The difference between life-affirming activation and destructive activation lies in the perceived level of safety within the situation. (this perception can be very distorted due to various reasons-> see 1.) Safe activation in motion = play/engagement. Unsafe activation in motion = fight/flight. Unsafe activation with no way out (thus not in motion) = freeze. (edit: this is put very black/white. In my view it's a spectrum between safety/unsafety.) 5. Everything is energy in various states of denseness and activity. Matter (I am still trying to really grasp this idea but am sure it is true), thoughts, emotions, sounds, movement. 6. Sound and Movement are energy in motion. 7. (I will continue later, I need a break, this is intense writing haha)
Tracy James
Adam Gersbach
Marie Miranda
Elham Golestan
Melinda Williams
New comment 12h ago
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@Silja Mattmann I am a firm believer and, most importantly, a child of God. In my heart, I hold the conviction that the divine resides within me, guiding my steps and illuminating my path. Through the teachings and grace bestowed upon me, I've learned the profound art of trust—trust in God at all times, regardless of the circumstances that life unfolds. It's a lesson that extends beyond mere belief; it's a daily practice, a conscious choice to surrender to a higher power. This trust isn't a passive surrender; rather, it's an empowering acknowledgment that, even in the face of challenges, I am cradled in the arms of divine wisdom. It's a trust that propels me forward, infusing every aspect of my life with resilience, hope, and a sense of purpose. In my journey, I find solace and strength in prayer and reflection, allowing me to commune with the divine presence within. This spiritual connection is not confined to a specific time or place; it permeates every moment, offering guidance, comfort, and an unwavering assurance that I am never alone. As I navigate the complexities of life, my spirituality is not a separate entity—it is woven into the fabric of my being, shaping my perspectives, influencing my decisions, and fostering a sense of gratitude for the countless blessings that grace my path.
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@Silja Mattmann So, when we talk about "communing with the divine presence within," it's like diving into a deep connection or spiritual interaction. It's about engaging with something bigger than ourselves, whether we see it as a higher, sacred force based on our personal beliefs. The "within" part? That means it's an internalized experience. We're saying that the divine presence isn't external; it's right there within each of us. It's all about tapping into that inner spiritual connection. Think about practices like meditation, prayer, or mindfulness – they're ways we seek a profound connection with our spiritual core or whatever higher power resonates with each of us individually. Hope this help…
Negative mindset/thinking
How would you as a coach/coach-to-be coach a client through a negative mindset/thinking pattern? Being new here I obviously need likes, but I am genuinely curious as to different opinions on the different topics. I love learning
Roland Tamini
Ronelle Ferreira
Jen Diver
John Poehler
Patrizia Wennerholm
New comment 12h ago
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@Lars Desmet a 100 like for me to…Taking action has been a game-changer for me too. It's like proving to myself that I'm in control and capable. Thanks for sharing your insights! 👊"
Are we seeking significance
Here’s a thought that just occurred to me. Tony Robbins talks about the different human needs - one being the need for significance. While I know that most of us coaches become coaches because we want to serve but is there a level of significance that gets created for us in the process of helping others? 🤔🧐 What do you think?
Terri Wilson
Elena Zanfei
Karen Christine Sengupta
Jessica Stolte Bender
Steve Allen
New comment 13h ago
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@Elena Zanfei @Terri Wilson I've been mulling over our discussion on significance in the coaching journey, and I can't help but share my personal take on it. When I reflect on my own experiences, the true joy in coaching stems from witnessing the growth and success of those I work with. It's this shared journey towards milestones that seems to naturally bring about a sense of significance. It's like the significance is not something I actively seek for myself, but rather, it emerges as a byproduct of our collaborative efforts and the victories we achieve together. The magic happens in that space where coach and client come together, work through challenges, and celebrate successes – big or small. Now, I'm curious about your perspectives. How do you navigate the delicate balance between seeking and accepting significance in your coaching journey?
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My fulfillment comes from witnessing growth and success. It's not about seeking significance but embracing it as a natural outcome of our efforts. How do you navigate this balance? Share your thoughts!
Do you need to remind yourself everyday?
If you have something that you feel like you need to remind yourself of everyday, then what is it and what do you do to remind yourself about it? For example ''I feel good enough'', ''I am a great coach'', ''I know I am on the right path'', ''I am loved by my partner'' what do you do?
Søren Stausholm
Fady Milad
Lars Desmet
Patrizia Wennerholm
Amber Kosmas
New comment 17h ago
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I reminded myself each day with. " I can do all things through christ that strengthens me. and since I join COA I added 'Everyday and in every way am developing incredibly coping skills" with have helped immensely .Thanks for that question Soren….
A hear-felt THANK YOU
Please help me in giving @Ed J C Smith a HUGE shoutout for creating this incredible coaching community! His vision has brought together an amazing group of talented individuals, turning this space into a hub of inspiration, learning, and support. I'm grateful for the growth, connections, and the rich diversity of experiences we share here SECOND ONLY to Ed's amazing training and resources he's made available to us. Cheers to your dedication Ed and to this fantastic journey you have created for us all to share in together!!! #Grateful #CoachingCommunity #GrowthTogether 🙏
Elena Zanfei
Terri Wilson
Sue Cullen
Sandra Graham
Amber Kosmas
New comment 19h ago
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I wholeheartedly echo your sentiments! @Elena Zanfei I wanted to take a moment to express how profoundly Ed .Smith has influenced my journey. His vision and leadership in crafting this coaching community have been nothing short of inspirational. On a personal level, Ed's guidance has been a beacon of support. His insights have helped me navigate challenges, fostering personal growth and resilience. Professionally, the training and resources he provides have been a game-changer, elevating my skills and opening new doors. Ed J C Smith's dedication to creating a space of learning, growth, and genuine connection has had a lasting impact on both my personal and professional life. I'm truly grateful for the inspiration he brings to this community.
🔓Level 4 Unlocked... Thank you!
Not bragging guys, but I've unlocked the course in 3 days 😁 Honestly, I couldn't have done it without everyone's support, so thank you! I wanted to see how fast I could do it so that newbies don't feel disheartened and stop engaging with the community. Plus, I love a challenge 😁 Next step, get certified! I'll continue to share my insights and encourage other's along the way 🙏
Michelle Robinson
Elena Zanfei
Martha Acevedo
Bill Ringle
Priscilla Mugo
New comment 23h ago
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@Steve Allen Congrats.
7 likes • Oct 16
@Steve Allen congrats .. am coming to get
Wow wow wow, what a day this have been.....
I HAD A HUGE VICTORY TODAY! I was paticipating in a workshop for coaches here in Denmark, and it got recorded, and there was around 100-120 paticipating and besides that it's going to be send out to over 2000+ coaches! AND I SHARED MY KNOWLEGDE AS A ROOKIE, and people loved it, the hosts loved the knowlegde and the things I contributed with, SO MUCH that I have a meeting with them on Monday 10:30 my time, to eventually get to be a part of their team behind there success, and that gives me access to all the tools that they provide so that I can scale my business! I needed to share this, because I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF🔥
Terri Wilson
Søren Stausholm
Roland Tamini
Martha Acevedo
Priscilla Mugo
New comment 23h ago
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@Søren Stausholm Absolutely amazing, congratulations on your incredible achievement! Sharing your knowledge as a rookie and receiving such a positive response is a testament to your expertise and the impact you're making. Being invited for a meeting to potentially join their team is a tremendous recognition of your talents. You have every reason to be immensely proud of yourself! 🎉✨ I'm curious, how does it feel to have this opportunity to speak on stage and share your insights with such a wide audience? Your journey is truly inspiring! 🌟
7 likes • 19d
@Søren Stausholm absolutely ! I’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation in you over the past weeks, Your courage and determination shine through, and it's truly inspiring. Embracing opportunities and stepping out of your comfort zone have clearly brought out the best in you. Keep shining!
When your spouse/partner isn't on board
How do YOU keep a positive, forward-moving mindset when your partner doesn't see the benefits and is set in a fixed mindset?
Lawyer Wells
Vickie Ireland
Markus Henne
Terrance Waddell
Sandra Graham
New comment 1d ago
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I resonate with this deeply because I'm going through a similar experience right now. It's a challenging journey, but my conviction in pursuing what feels like my true calling is unwavering, even if it means navigating it without the person I care about. It's tough when someone close isn't on the same page, but prioritizing our own growth and purpose is crucial. I'm learning that sometimes people can't join us on this path, and that's okay. I'm focusing on my vision and sending support to each one of you dealing with a similar situation. Here's to our individual journeys and growth, no matter the obstacles.
Simple Though Not Easy
I love @Ed J C Smith’s distinction of “The Sacred 4”- that our lives are comprised of these simple 4 accounts (Being, Energy, Love, and Impact) and our task as human beings is to simply continuously work on these 4 accounts so that we progress, not regress. Simple, but not easy- which is why EVERYONE can benefit from coaching- to help us uncover the blindspots that may be unconsciously holding us back from the life of joy, purpose and fulfillment we all desire. 🙏💜
Sandra Graham
Joe Lander
David Walter
New comment 1d ago
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@Joe Lander I resonate deeply with the idea that our task is to continually nurture these sacred accounts. My question to you is 1: what areas of your life do you feel coaching could provide valuable insights or uncover blind spots? 2: How might investing in coaching contribute to your progress in Being, Love, Energy, and Impact? 3:How do you currently nurture and invest in your own sense of being?
Task - Expert Coach is Different
What is the one thing that if you get it from this investment will make this the best investment in your future? If I learn and develop the skill to change my mindset and break from the emotional trauma's limiting my life, it will not only change my life completely but I know then that I'll be able to help my client's transform their lives. That gift that I can share not only with clients but with friends and family would make this the best investment ever.
Sandra Graham
New comment 1d ago
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@Marie Miranda I resonate deeply with your perspective. The transformative power of developing the skill to change our mindset and break free from emotional traumas is profound. It's not just an investment in ourselves; it's a gift we can share with clients, friends, and family, creating a positive ripple effect. Here's to the journey of personal growth that extends far beyond ourselves. Looking forward to the collective growth ahead!
Expert Coach applied to Parenting
My one regret that washed over me when I started learning this course is that I wish I would have known this BEFORE being a parent and before my husband left. Raising 4 young kids alone who rapidly became teenagers without this training or anything similar was tough. I could have helped my kids a lot more overcome négative émotions. Has anyone thought of developing a course for parents of tween/teens? I wonder how much healthier kids would be if they were raised by parents who were equipped with tools to question their teens... and help them effectively deal with their negative emotions. Of course, you would need to run everything by Ed JC Smith before proceeding.... What do you think? @Ed JC Smith
Marwan Alforjani
Elena Zanfei
Vickie Ireland
Karen Christine Sengupta
Edmund Fajardo
New comment 1d ago
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@Karen Christine Sengupta , your thoughts really struck a chord with me. Parenting is no doubt a tough journey, and your idea of providing parents with tools to navigate their teens' emotions is truly impactful. Your experiences are a testament to your strength, and they can be a valuable part of your program—your personal testimony adds authenticity and depth. It's inspiring how you're turning your journey into a powerful resource for others.
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