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If you're a beginner looking to start making money online, but don't want to risk spending your own $ in case it's unsuccessful... ... then here's how to ethically exploit Skool's new $100,000 challenge so that you can generate monthly recurring revenue with zero risk of losing/spending any of your own money. I'll give you some context, then give you the playbook. CONTEXT: - Skool's running a $100,000 challenge - They're giving away $100k of prizes to people who start a Skool community and use Skool payments to generate monthly recurring revenue - The challenge lasts 28 days - The big prizes are for the people who generate the most monthly recurring revenue or who get the most customers (nearly impossible to win if you're a beginner) - Skool has said "EVERYBODY who gets 10 paid members gets Skool merch + 3-months FREE Skool subscription" (winner winner chicken dinner) Here's the PLAYBOOK to generate Monthly Recurring Revenue with zero risk: 1. Use the first 14 days of the challenge to figure out what you're going to sell, and how you'll get customers 2. With less than 14 days of the challenge remaining, start your 14 day free trial 3. Set up Skool payments to charge $1/month for your community 4. Hustle to get 10 community members 5. If you don't, cancel your Skool free trial and don't pay a penny 6. If you succeed, you get another 3 months free Skool (and some free merch) 7. Use those 3 months free Skool to generate $99/month - $9,999/month 8. If you don't, cancel your Skool and you'll still have never paid a penny 9. If you succeed, now you're making more than the cost of Skool, so still never risk a penny 10. Continue to scale up to $10,000/month And if you run that playbook you'll be able to generate monthly recurring revenue without ever risking a single penny of your own money. If you've been watching to start an online business but never got round to it, now's the time to act. There's no better feeling than earning your first dollar online.



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Jordan Molotsky
New comment 52m ago
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    help. even though I have like a rough idea of what i want my community to look like

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    do i still need to pay to create a community?

I don't have a camera and for the skool challenge I want to make a full classroom with courses. All i can use right now is my mac book air camera. any suggestions? Eventually if i do buy one what should i buy?



Best Etinosa
Efe Ateş
Okasha Khan
New comment 8h ago

so for a good few months, I have been working on my Instagram page. gained over 6k followers. over 1.5 million accounts reached. now I need help to convert this into a full-time business. suggestions? I would really appreciate them



Sam Bomjan
David Boland
Aftab Ali
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    Also, I got a sponsorship with a company and did earn my first $10 from that.

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    @David Boland woow thanks mate

My followers have been asking me about how to overcome porn addiction. So I have decided to make a product which is a guide for them to overcome that. However, I am not sure how I could articulate my knowledge, since I don't have a good camera or a smartphone I don't think a video course is a good idea. And I am not sure if a written pdf product will be enticing. Am I overthinking? any advice?



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Robin Bäcker
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New comment Aug 17
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    @Safia Matabaro thanks for the recommedation

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    @Robin Bäcker will look into that bro

Wow a milestone I only imagined I would reach. Although I have been bit lagging in my life, now I am more driven with purpose like never!!!! For anyone who feels everything is not working out, trust your self, give your best, be authentic and most importantly work on things people and you actually care. And see the magic happen.



Andrew Kirby
Sam Bomjan
Corey Bennett Boardman
John Wick
New comment Jul 30
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    @John WickThanks mate. it's not just views because some people can watch my content 10 times. It's rather how many unique accounts have viewed my content once.

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    @John Wick yes my friend. Reels were the no 1 way I used to consume content.

Hey everyone, after now 3 months of consistent synthesizing. I realised one big mistake I did. I started to post on youtube first, posting about general self improvement and like copying other youtubers I liked. I was not only getting any traction I was also not enjoying or looking forward to it. Nor was i happy with my work. Then what I realised was I was not being my authentic. I was sharing things that I did not actually believed or practiced anyway. everything changed when I started to post about what I genuinely liked and actually practiced and did my own research and everything. That was education through football/soccer. I am a football player and i have gone from becoming bad to a good player through self improvement, different training, workouts. I acutally did what andrew tells us. " Solve your problems and share it with the world". I will be celebrating half a million views on instagram soon and 3000 followers. I know thats not much, but thats definitely an achievement for me. I hope this inspires people for this community.



Jamie Fenner
Sherwin Yawn
Sam Bomjan
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Lorenz Sell
New comment Jul 20

After taking a break to complete a physical training course, I started sharing my progress on Instagram before taking some time off. Now that I have started college, I am back and committed to continuing my fitness journey on social media.



Fedor Shatukho
Corey Bennett Boardman
Sam Bomjan
New comment Mar 28
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    @Fedor Favorsky Thanks mate

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    @Corey Bennett Boardman Thank you mate

What do you guys think about spending your time and money getting a college degree? I see a lot of people reaching great heights of success without a college degree. Most popular personalities are @Andrew Kirby , Iman Gadzhi, Sebastian Ghiorghiu..I've almost watched all of their videos on YOUTUBE..and I'm kind of convinced that getting a degree doesn't really matter if you're planning to become an ENTREPRENEUR. I personally feel like starting your own business doesn't require a college degree..I hear this from famous personalities like Robert Kiyosaki , Grant Cardone. I've also read the book RICH DAD POOR DAD and listened to some of their podcasts. What do you guys think, let it be straight forward...please do let me know through your comments.


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New comment Nov '22
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    One thing is for sure that you cannot spend 24 hours in your business, passion or whatever you are working towards. And lets accept that most of us haven't cultivated the level of discipline, dedication and also most of us need to learn how to network and in college its way easier to start out and scale up clients. The degree in itself isn't worth it but the experience is.

#Synthesizing Intro I like to think of my self as an athlete, so I as obsessed about learning about my body, my mind, nutrition and just love being creative. I have been sharing my knowledge to my family and friends but now I think I am ready to be an online synthesizer.



Corey Bennett Boardman
Vincent Rochler
Om Giri
New comment Mar '22



Just a bunch of problems in my life at the moment. Still finding the solution to it..



Abdullahi Abdulhadi
Corey Bennett Boardman
Tapan Gautam
New comment May '22

Very short video, was procrastinating about it for months. Finally step out of my comfort zone



Callum Rylance
Sam Bomjan
Corey Bennett Boardman
New comment May '22
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