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Welcome to’s Private Community! 🧙‍♂️ This is a community for up-and-coming e-commerce business owners and DTC marketers aiming to reach +7 figures with their businesses. At, we help thriving e-commerce brands grow through a specialized approach combining Paid Advertising & Performance Creatives, and ongoing consultation allowing you to grow your business holistically. After almost 3 years of successfully growing brands, we've realized we were doing the market a disservice... By NOT offering any advice to starting brands. Although I post tons of content on YouTube every single week, our team has been exclusively working with a select 10-15 brands already making "good money" online. PeakAd (our free mini course) is a way for us to give back to the community and to offer you a clear pathway to 7 figures with your store. Feel free to check these links out: - Work with our agency - YouTube - Twitter - Instagram In this community, you may ask any questions about anything e-commerce (DTC) or paid advertising related. To get started, comment down below with: 1. Your Name 2. What's your business/brand, what do you sell/offer, how long have you been doing it for, etc. Happy to have you here!
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Ryan Arab! Copywriter from Canada!
BFCM: Can You Risk Not Getting It Right?
D-Day's coming up, and I'm guessing you've got your BFCM plans locked in. Exciting times, right? You're stressed, or anxious, or at least excited to some degree. So is your team. We all know the drill – double-checking everything, last-minute tweaks, caffeine overloads. Sound familiar? But here's a quick thought... Even the best of us can miss something small - a detail that could give your campaign an extra edge. It happens, especially when you're juggling a ton. So, I had an idea. What if I offered to take a quick look at your strategy? Just a friendly pair of eyes to see if everything's set for maximum impact. No catch, no sales pitch. I'm doing this for 5 brands this week. Absolutely free. Why? Honestly, I just enjoy digging into these things, and who knows, maybe we'll both learn something cool in the process. Interested? Just drop me a line saying "I'm in for the audit." It's first come, first served, so a little speed wouldn't hurt! No pressure, of course. Just thought I'd offer some help during this crazy, exhilarating season. Take care and good luck with the BFCM rush!
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Imagine you could have access to me and text me whenever you want…
Like literally, any time of the day, any day of the week AND get a reply within 5 seconds. Now I know, you’re probably going to say: “Justin, that’s impossible… You need to sleep, you can’t NOT eat, NOT sleep and ALWAYS be on your phone… Can you?” No, I can’t. I’m a human, not a machine. But you know who is? Justin AI. For all of our AdEngine members, they will now benefit from access to our new telegram bot called “Justin AI”. Justin AI has access to: - ALL of my most popular and informative YouTube videos’ transcripts - The FULL AdEngine program curriculum - The free PeakAd course - Some of my SOPs - & more It was trained to be like me, think like me, and have a big portion of my knowledge. You can ask it questions at any given time and expect a response within 10 seconds. To make the best of use of it, make sure to ask it clear questions about the program content such as… “What should a creative specialist do?” “How should I structure my Facebook ads campaigns?” “What’s a DCT and how should I structure it?” Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere and will always remain available as the REAL Justin to answer your questions, but think of Justin AI as an extension of myself that can sometimes answer your questions quicker than I can. Instead of our team "working for you", through our AdEngine program, you will gain: 📷 24/7 Group Chat Access: Night or day, get immediate access to our team. Questions, brainstorming, quick checks - we’re here for you. 📷 Weekly Insightful Calls: Join Justin and the team for sessions on ads, marketing techniques, operations, and more. We break down complex strategies for you. 📷 Exclusive Resources: Get a leg up with our vault of SOPs, in-depth trainings, and marketing modules. Stay ahead of the curve. 📷 Automate & Elevate: Implement our ready-to-use internal systems. From creative workflows to tools, we streamline your operations. Plus, we're hands-on for any support! 📷 A Community of Trailblazers: Network, share, and grow in a space of ambitious entrepreneurs. Together, we thrive.
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