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Second day off dream.
Had some very weird dreams last night. They had been getting better in that violence or gore but last night they swooped back. It was my second night of being off. Glad today was a on day canes I was a little freaked out this morning and I felt odd. Then I felt better after my getting my on day. I really feel I’m close and I really can’t go out in public so I don’t. Been working on this for years. Hoping this is a answer. I have noticed the feeling a lot calmer. Keeping the faith.
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I thought I was the only one that happens to irate it
Will it work on
I'd like to find out more I have a few different problems one is ptsd anxiety disorder also depression and chronic pain
Using This Community: Microdosing Made Simple
Hey there, First things first, swing by the "About Us" section. We've got some top-notch videos to set the stage for you. 🎥 Fancy some extra knowledge? The "Classroom" section is packed: 1. FREE Microdosing Mini-Course to kickstart your journey. 2. Dive deep with interviews: "Moms & Microdosing" and "Microdosing & Recovery" and monthly presentations on a variety of microdosing topics. 3. And... some soulful readings from "Micro Reflections For the 21st Sensory" - trust me, you'll dig this. 📖 Alright, now that you're all set... Microdosing 🍄 isn't just a trend. It's about connecting with a community while also trusting your gut. Sites like r/microdosing and Third Wave are killer and this group? Well, we’re in a league of our own. But remember, YOU drive your journey. ✨ The secret sauce? Listening to your body and being mindful. Get this right, and you're golden. The right community - like us - will fast-track your progress. But it's like biking: tricky at first, but once you nail it, you're unstoppable. Ready to roll? Your adventure in microdosing awaits. And the payoff? Worth its weight in gold. Need more? The "About" section's got your back. Considering our 90-Day Journey Back To YOU program where you get access to weekly calls? Let's chat! Here's where you can schedule a call: 👉 Schedule Call Oh, and before you go, grab our 🍄 Microdosing Starter Kit 🍄. It's a game-changer: 👉 Grab Your Kit Catch you inside, Medicine Box 🍄
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@Kevin Eikov OK where do I get it to start with and does it come with instructions and or is it addictive because I dont want that
Microdosing and Recovery 👁️🍄👁️
Hi everyone! Hope the week was wonderful. My team and I have been really excited to see all the new members join over the week 🍄 Your contributions have been an added bonus as well! Keep it up! One of the added benefits to this community is to meet others along the path (maybe you'll find someone you resonate with that worked through obstacle X or interesting experience Y) that you can exchange experience, hope, and strength 🍄 That is the power of having a community to exchange human-to-humanness with 🍄 With that said, make friends, share away, learn; and remember that it is our awareness that becomes the light we shine on the obstacles that give us the power to transform them 🌞 Here is Part 1 of an interview I conducted with Dr Eric Zefland on psychedelics and recovery (I know there are many of you in here that are in recovery including myself after 10 years)! 👁️ Starting With The Vital Life Force Enjoy and have a blessed weekend. Although at times it doesn't feel like it, there's always a lot to be grateful for. As always, to learn more, you can schedule a call with us on the calendar link on this page. B🦅 "There are no obstacles in the path, the obstacles are the path"-Zen Proverb
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Microdosing and Recovery 👁️🍄👁️
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How do I get started where do find out starting from the beginning
New here!
Hi, I'm continuing my micro dose journey but switching to Medicine Box. I was looking for more guidance and community than my last collaboration, looking forward to hearing from you all.
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I am also interested In micro dosing it would be a great help to me
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Well I have always been interested herds and mushrooms

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