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250,000 subscribers but no sales. What Am I Missing?
Some context: I'm 18, I have 250k subscribers on YouTube, 11 million views total I have 2 skool communities (one free with 5000 members, one paid with 60) I do a quick CTA at the end of my videos (each vid gets 10,000 views on avg which is alright). I really wanna grow my community more not just to make more money (who doesnt like money tho) but also to connect with more people. I feel like I've done everything right but am not seeing the results I'd like to see. I've built the audience, built a product that is on the same topic (self improvement for teenagers) and I'm active in there everyday. So that means I am missing something which is why this post exists. I'm really new to business and stuff so I'm open to learning more. Have I not done it for long enough? Is it because my audience is teenagers that can't afford it? Is my CTA absolute garbage? How do I convert people from a free to paid community? I know there are so many people here with way more experience than me so I'm super curious to know what you think and what works for you. [Also the title is just to catch people's attention - I do have really active members in my community which im hella grateful for.]
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Bruh, Love your energy. But you selling to kids... How do I convince my parents? 1. You are a straight A student, I mean... you don't play video games, You don't have social media and you have a 4.0 GPA. My God, You are the perfect mentor. So Why not build a community around How to study better and get good grades (straight As)? Every parent would want you, to mentor their Kid. And hey, I get it... If you wanna teach something else I heard this somewhere: the way you go viral is to create content that other people like. But the way you stay consistent is to create content, you like. You are the niche.
Build authority on Skool?
People overcomplicate “authority building” on skool. If you're tired of the same growth hacks, these 3 habits will get you closer to your personal brand goals: 1. Focus on REAL, not just RICH Here's the thing: We all smell BS. (Even through our screens.) Instead of trying to be some polished "Goo-'Roo", just be... you. “But, I'm not funny or interesting!” hey, It's OK... You've got stories. Opinions. You've got a unique way of seeing the world. You just need to learn how to own into it. 2. Build a cult, not a "community" Stop racking up members like Pokemon. Focus on making people feel something... Anything. Like my mother used to say... The people who love you... will REALLY love you. The rest? Who cares! 3. Make an impact and Build relationships. Say you throwing a party. Good music, lot of hot chicks and no drugs lol... But nobody talks to each other. It's Boring, right? So, dance! Get people talking in the comments. Have a question of the day... when someone comes in and says hi... ask them that question Be the center of attention, not the weirdo in the corner. 4. Create something we can actually use Read a post and think, "My God, I just wasted 60 seconds of my life"? Don't be that. Share helpful content, we can immediately apply. An easy-to-follow Skool framework to do this daily: Choose your weapon: – Story (people love a good drama) – Infographic – Case study (prove you know your stuff) Introduce a REAL problem: – What keeps your people up? – How can you make their life easier? Break down the solution: – No fluff – Imagine you're explaining it to your son Engage like a human: • Spend 60 minutes actually talking to people (build your community) • Crazy idea: Be genuinely interested in others Repeat: • Consistency is key (but hey, you didn't hear that from me) Look, building authority isn't just about posting content. It's about showing up, providing real value, and actually giving a damn about the people you're connecting with.
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Build authority on Skool?
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@Joren Desmedt I hope this is very insightful for you guys
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@Yana Z I think to Build Trust In Yourself, you need to own your words or you begin to loose respect for yourself.
💥 What's YOUR fav Jason Derulo song?
UHM?! Jason on SKOOL?! Which reality did I enter? 👀 My fav is 'Watcha Sayyyy' 💃 What's yours? 👇🏼
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💥 What's YOUR fav Jason Derulo song?
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Never heard of him
Am I the only one.?
Is Skool addicting?? "asking for a friend" 😂
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Heyy, new here. But how is skool addicting?
How I Grew My Client Skool Group to $7K A Month.
(Actually, it was $7.2K last month, but I don't mean Brag?) 😂 And I'm going to show exactly how I did it. But first, let me tell you how it all began. It was a dark and stormy night… ⛈️ Just kidding. It was a sunny and pleasant afternoon. ☀️ I was browsing through Skool, looking for some new groups to join. That’s me. I’m always on the hunt for new opportunities and connections. 🕵️‍♂️ Anyway, I stumbled upon this group that caught my eye. It had a catchy name, a hot topic, and a decent number of members. It was about something I was passionate about and knew a lot about. I wish I could tell you what it was, but it’s top secret. But let’s just say it was something that a lot of people struggle with and are willing to pay Big Bucks for. You get the idea. So, I clicked on the join button and waited for approval. A few minutes later, I got in. But here’s where things got interesting - this gem of a group was a ghost town! It had all the vibe of a Monday morning meeting - silence so profound I could hear whispers of my name "Alexxxxx" Picture this: no one chatting, no one reacting, Just pure silence. I half-expected zombies to pop out! (Remember that Walking Dead episode when Rick Grimes woke up in the hospital? Yeah, it was that level of creepy.) But beneath that eerie silence, I sensed potential. I could feel it in my gut, like my sixth sense kicking in. So, I did what any copywriting maverick would do I slid into the group owner’s DMs, offering my help. At first, he was skeptical… He didn’t know who I was or what I wanted from him. He thought I was just another random dude trying to sell him some crap. (Not my words) Can’t blame him; Skool is full of 'em. But after a bit of back-and-forth, he decided to give me a shot. He handed over the admin keys to the kingdom, saying he had nothing to lose since the group was on life support anyway. He was ready to pull the plug, and I was his last hope.
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How I Grew My Client Skool Group to $7K A Month.
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@Josh Faulks Thanks
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