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4 contributions to Persuasion Academy
The ONE trick he used to close a 15k client in 30 minutes | agency owner
This is the power of sales! Most agency owners have it backwards thinking they need more leads before they begin developing their sales skills. This is like pouring more water into a leaky bucket. When you can close consistently you'll never have to worry about getting more leads because you'll have more cash to spend getting them! One of our top students Dan copied the "identity closing" process into his agency and closed a client for $15k in less than 15 days after joining! The best part... this lead had sat in his pipeline for 8+ months, and using what we teach dan got him signed & paid with 1 zoom call. I've just re-created the identity closing training, where you'll learn how I used the same process dan learned to clear over $28k m/o profit for myself personally You'll also learn... - ✋ Concern Navigation: how to go under the radar and pre-handle objections before they arise, allowing your customer to persuade themselves - 🔥 Last Minute Urgency: how to trigger desire so that your customer feels comfortable making a decision today. (this saved me hundreds of hours from not needing follow up calls) - 🧠 Psychology Of Influence: How to level up your persuasion and influence quickly even if you have little lead flow using a little known secret only our students have Comment "Dan" down below, and I'll send you the updated training! 📲
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📨 Open Letter To Anyone Who Struggles With Objections...
Just got off a call with a student of the persuasion academy, that reminded me of stuff from my early days of selling... Our entire discussion was about never ending roller coaster that comes with selling and the joy of being a “high ticket closer” 😃👍 The fear, and insecurity that comes with figuring out if you’re actually good at selling... A gray cloud of uncertainty that follows you into every call, and blocks the deal right at the finish line ☁️ Some part of me would enter calls waiting for the relief that came with submitting to an objection so I didn’t have to feel the pain of rejection. No matter how hard I tried… I somehow lacked the magic touch for someone to feel comfortable taking action on the spot. 🫤 Life continued this way until everything came crashing down. 🫠 Driving home from a long day of calls (none of which closed), feeling completely exhausted, I fell asleep and drove into a tree... What made things worse is I’d borrowed my father's car because mine was undergoing repairs. I will never forget the anger and disappointment from my father picking up his supposed “high-ticket closer” son from the police station. 🫥 That moment was when everything changed… In days that followed I’d completely engrossed myself in sales & persuasion. Studying everything 📝 Implementing anything 🤺 10 hour days – 80 calls a week – 6 days a week It was only through this period of immense pain that I learned what it meant to “overcome objections” How it felt to become someone you can’t say “no” to. What unfolded next was akin to a salesperson's heaven… Cash started floating in, and I proceeded to enter a “god mode” so to speak when it came to sales. Proceeded to watch my income grow from a measly $2.5k m/o into my first $10k. Enough for me to move out, far away from the pain I caused (Austin Texas 🤠). I sat in my apartment doing nothing but selling, for different offers, and through nothing but sheer persistence, indefatigability, and intense study I crafted “Identity closing”.
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@Kaleb McCullough Identity and Appointment Setting! Lol
(🏁 Start Here) - Welcome To Persuasion Academy
Watch the welcome video below 👇 Complete the action item in this video so you can get the most out of this group...
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Hello everyone! My name is Raysa. I live in New York. I have been in High Ticket sales for over 4 years in the Hair loss industry: Transplants, hair systems, treatments. I have been doing in-person sales consultations. Making $10K-$14K/Month. Looking forward to going remote and increasing my monthly income to $20K+/month in the near future. I'm hoping to contribute and learn from you all!
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@Tori Ahrens welcome to the group!
Get A Job Sales Job In 7 Days! (free mini course)
This past week I've had dozens of you reach out to get hired 😵‍💫 While not everyone made it through, lots of you have potential to get with a great company! ❤️ So I uploaded a mini course of exactly what I'd do day by day to land a sales job! Works even if you have... - NO network - NO friends who work in sales - NO prior sales experience - NO sexy social media profiles I did the equivalent of "undercover boss", and created a new identity and struggled my way through the scams, and other junk. Sure enough I got hired! 🤝 They were pissed when I told them It was for a program & I wasn't actually wanting to work... 😬 Comment "job" below & I'll send it to ya for free! 5 years ago I was in your same position, I get how hard it can be. And making this course brought me back to those days. However... Once you build your resume (follow what I teach) every job you get after is easy + I put in a list of 3 great staffing agencies that are taking applications (lil bonus for ya) 🎁 Comment "job", and I'll give you access. P.S - those of you who asked to be on my waitlist for other offers, i've already granted you access ;)
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@Kaleb McCullough Thanks!
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Raysa Abreu
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I'm Raysa from NYC. In High Ticket sales for over 4 years in the Hair loss industry: Transplants, hair systems, treatments, etc.

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