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Welcome To Coaching & Consulting Mastery
Welcome to the Coaching & Consulting Mastery Hub! 🚀 This group is dedicated to bringing together passionate coaches and consultants from diverse fields to share knowledge, insights, and support each other on the journey to mastery. Group Focus: 1. Skill Exchange: Members can exchange coaching and consulting tips, techniques, and best practices to enhance their skills and provide better value to clients. 2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow coaches and consultants, build meaningful relationships, and explore potential collaboration opportunities. 3. Resource Sharing: Share valuable resources, such as books, courses, and tools, that can help members enhance their coaching and consulting practices. 4. Client Success Stories: Celebrate and share success stories, challenges, and lessons learned in working with clients. Learn from each other's experiences. 5. Industry Trends and Updates: Stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and developments in the coaching and consulting industry. 6. Professional Development: Discuss opportunities for continuous learning, personal growth, and professional development within the coaching and consulting realm. Guidelines: - Be respectful and supportive of each other. - Share constructive feedback and advice. - Avoid self-promotion without providing value. - Encourage open discussions and collaboration. Why Join: Whether you're a seasoned coach or consultant or just starting your journey, this group is a space for continuous learning, growth, and connection with like-minded professionals. Join us to elevate your skills, expand your network, and contribute to the collective success of the coaching and consulting community! Feel free to customize this idea based on your specific preferences and the needs of your target audience.
New comment Jan 24
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@Martha Acevedo Hey, nice to see you here :) You nearly single-handedly bumped me into Level 2
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@Shay Michelle Bayens Hi Shay. Nice to see you here, too :)
If you started again…from scratch, what would you change about your coaching journey?
Would you still become a coach? Would you change your modalities or your niche? What would you avoid? What advice would you give yourself? What if anything would you embrace and enjoy more the second time around that initially seemed challenging or daunting? Just a curious mind exploring- it helped me find more clarity in what I do and more importantly why🙏🏼💫
New comment Jan 24
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I would have gone with my instincts and been formally coaching 40 years ago as a career, instead of waiting until recent years . Or maybe not. What I've learned on my journey has been invaluable. And I was quite happy when I was still a developer -- if not paid what I should have been. If changing things from the past would affect that, then I wouldn't change anything. Except maybe have purchased less recently of online programs from a-hole lying gurus (some who are here elsewhere on Skool) and put the money into ads or even Ed's COA (in his ECC Skool group). [Just to be clear, Ed is NOT one of the aforementioned a-holes. Referring to other someones.]
What is your Struggle to run Your Business?
Hey Everyone, I would love to know what are you all struggling with in order to run your Coaching, Consulting or Agency business?
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New comment Feb 9
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not feeling like a "struggle" anymore, but rather it's an unbearably slow process getting and converting leads. You either have to spend your time creating organic content, or pay for ads/ content.
First Group Call Today
Hi Everyone, Our First Call will take place tonight at 9 p.m. UK time or 4 p.m. EST I will you all there. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 787 720 1834 Passcode: R3HkgS
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Sorry, had a conflict and could not make it
Where are you all From?
You guys can introduce yourself in the comments below. We would to learn more about yourself...
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@Damon Redmond Nice. Is your move permanent? If yes, are you going to get an RE broker license in Spain? I moderate a US-properties-only RE group on Facebook (not my group). Hence why my mind thinks like this. Best wishes in your move. That sounds very exciting, teaching entrepreneurship to open young minds.
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Sort of from all over - born in India, grew up in or near Toronto, Canada, and now an expat living in California - and soon moving from San Diego to Los Angeles.
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