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Hi, making this post after @Sam Ovens asking in this group how we are using Skool So about 2-3 months ago we incorporated a free Skool community as a front end in both our offers. We grew both groups (in spanish) to 3.335 members and 3.500 members, but our engagement is very poor (12%). They have grown organically as they are in the thank you pages of our paid funnels: - Ad - optin page - thank you page with links to whatsapp group, skool, and homework - Organic (I've created this resource, send me work "skool" and I'll give you a link of our members area to watch it / download it). We were thinking of building a "Ad - Optin - Skool" funnel similar to Clients and Community, but current performance doesn't seem to indicate that would be the right approach until we crack Skool as a frontend. Right now we do $1 million a month, but less than 3% of our booked calls come from our free Skool group. We post resources and replays of our livestreams from zoom in our skool community, but I think we could do much better. Any ideas will be very welcomed 😊 Also we still keep our paid students in Kajabi as not to have in the same group paid and unpaid students. Any ideas are also welcomed here Best regards, -Rafel



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@Sam Ovens @Sid Sahasrabuddhe IMO I think this is a critical missing feature of skool at this time. I want to move my team to skool as well so we communicate here and our focus literally stays on skool and not slack. It will increase the participation of my team which we need. We should not have to go to Slack to message each other. I think if we messaged each other on Skool we will naturally participate more with our groups. But I cannot message 2 or more people together. There should be a very simple way to start messaging one person and then be able to add another person or two or more. Then in the dropdown list of messages in addition to names, there will be groups of names shown as James Medi . 11h John Smith, Jane Doe, Jerry Tamaya . 13h Jerry Tamaya . 1d James Medi, Sher Khan, Takateo Tamasi . 2d The group name should not show the users' name. In the future, you can allow people to name their groups. Then when needed the group could be pulled up from the list dropdown to message again. Clicking on group opens up the same exact interface used for p2p messaging. This implementation of group chat requires no major changes in visual architecture and used the current messaging icon and shows messages from individuals and groups, with one exception. You would need to add a new tab in the top nav. Community Classroom Calendar Members Leaderboards Groups The search box should search all your groups and show results in a tab for groups. Clicking on Groups can bring up a list where people can click on it and I suppose rename the group to whatever they want. I probably would not let people delete their groups. Old groups get deprioritized in the visual list and go to the bottom with the latest active ones coming to the top. So here are some ideas. Maybe you are already on it, but I thought to share. If you find value in it and want to discuss I am available.



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    We have +1.000 high ticket customers and here is what we do: Discord for messages, Skool for free groups (marketing), Kajabi for paid students (as I don't think I can separate paid and non-paid members within a Skool group) @Saqib Rasool @Sam Ovens

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