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Organic YouTube Q&A - Thread
Got any Qs about YouTube: - video - gear - scripts - strategy - thumbnails - youtube growth Happy to add some value here on this thread. We have a channel with 1.2M subs in the self-improvement niche. I know this is a paid ads-focused group, but most of you have an organic nurture platform as well 🙌
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@Clark Kegley amazing rules of thumb here thank you so much
YT Ads Account suspended.. Help please?..
Hey guys, I was setting up a brand new Google Ads account and it got flagged as 'suspicious payment'. I know that this is probably happening due to an old account in which I was using the same PayPal account that I'm using on this new one. However, I previously deleted the old account before creating this new one. In any case, I've written appeals multiple times explaining this whole situation, sending a PayPal report with the last payment made to Google with the intention of proving that I'm the owner of that account. Now, the most frustrating thing is that right immediately after I send the appeal, I get an auto email from Google stating that 'there is no active suspension applied to the account you have provided.' However, my account continues suspended... I'm running in circles here, growing desperate and going nowhere... I know that these suspensions are quite common, but for whatever reason I can’t get mine lifted. Have any of you had a similar problem? Any tips about this? Thanks in advance
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man so sorry to hear this I know how frustrating this can be. hopefully someone here has a contact in YT that might be able to expedite this for you
Wistia plan at $999 with 1 year contract ? 🤔
Hi everyone ! 👋 I need your advice about the wistia plan. I surpassed the bandwith limit of 1TB each month with my only one video wich is my webinar. So I have to switch to custom plan (the only one with 2TB+) and It's start at $999 with one year contrat. I don't know if it good deal. It seems exepensive when I compare to vimeo. Is wisitia really better than others ? Thanks you very much; Remy from France 🇫🇷
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I use and it's very very cheap and works really well as far as how I use it.
YouTube Ads Starting Budget 💰
So lately I've been getting asked the same question over and over again when it comes to actually running YouTube Ads, and today I wanted to briefly explain it... "How much should my starting budget be?" Well, if you sell a high-ticket offer for $5-10k. Your budget should be AT LEAST $5-10k/month. Simple right? We recommend this because if you can't afford to spend at least 1 coaching/course program worth on ads... you probably shouldn't be running ads in the first place. Before running ads... - You should have already proven your offer by enrolling at least 5-10 people organically - You should have your VSL funnel ready to run traffic to - You should have a budget stockpiled to run ads for at least 3-months (so you don't get emotional) - A good starting budget per month is the price of your high-ticket offer ($5-10k) - The less budget you have, the more time it will take to test and get clients And LAST but not least... it’s important to understand that YT Ads are not a magic pill 💊 I think everyone here is smart enough to realize this already but I'll explain it again. Running ads without first having your offer/messaging dialed in OR any consistent income coming in organically is a BIG RISK. That's why in our opinion, you shouldn't be running ads at all, until you're making at least, AT LEAST, $20-30k/month organically in your business. This means you have something that's working, and you have some cashflow to invest in marketing (without going bankrupt). Remember, YouTube Ads (just like any other platform), is simply going to send you MORE traffic. But if your offer/messaging isn't dialed in, and you can't even get anyone organically to sign up, you should first focus on that. Check out the #Creating Scalable Offers video inside the Classroom to help you with this. So to recap: 1. If you sell a high-ticket offer for $5-10k, your starting budget should be $5-10k/month 2. You should have a budget stockpiled for at least 3-months so that you don't get emotional when running ads. Things usually don't start working well until Month 2 and 3 anyways after you've had time to test, and optimize your ads/funnel... which requires money and time. The LESS budget, the LONGER it takes to optimize. 3. Don't start running ads until you're making at least $20-30k/month (proof of concept) 4. Watch #Creating Scalable Offers if you're under that revenue threshold
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what an excellent post, thank you Brian!
Anyone use Kajabi?
Last time I tried YT ads I had a really hard time getting tracking to work with Kajabi and ended up having to manually track everything myself. Was wondering if this is a normal problem or is this an unacceptable thing? I guess I didn't know what was acceptable problem and an unacceptable problem?
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@Ed Andrew So are you still using Kajabi? For me I only really need it for the landing pages/website and because it isn't super compatible with ad tracking I am thinking of moving to something that is such as what Brian recommended above. To answer your question yes I'd need something that can do a website/landing pages.
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@Ed Andrew thanks for your insight Ed! why is wix not so good for SEO?
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