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Hi there it is not clear to me how you set the course permissions in the webhook process. For example if I have 4 closed courses and and 4 checkouts, how do I configure the webhook so the invite triggers the email and provides the user access to only the relevant course?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Philip Michael
New comment 11d ago
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe when can we get to a proper zap capability that allows us to automate course x access to member y? All other major platforms allow this.

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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Thanks! I'd say its a must. Use case: multiple courses hosted on Skool - if we want to make offers with different combinations / bundles of those courses this functionality is required. Kajabi, Kartra, Xperiencify, Samcart, Mighty Networks etc. all provide this capability...

Hello everyone - just one question around courses. If you have courses that on other platforms are downloadable after they have been paid for, is there a way of putting the courses you upload onto Skool behind a payment wall, or are they open access to all that are added to the site as members of my community?



Wassili Birbilis
Philip Michael
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Matt Shepley
New comment 11d ago
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    agree, I asked this recently. We need the zap to include which course to open. Right now it's not possible

I'd love to be able to add a header image to the top of modules. Right now the only visual we can add is a video thumbnail if w upload a video. But for certain modules we have no video, and without any image at the top it looks & feels kinda lame... Just my 2 cents :) Would also love: • Ability to set 'drip' on SETS not just modules • Drag & drop module re organization • Ability to turn off progress tracker for certain sets



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Ted Carr
Brenzen Zettl
Yelina Perez
Philip Michael
New comment 19d ago
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    I also advocate for adding an image as have modules which are text. @Sid Sahasrabuddhe the way to differentiate is to remove the play icon from images.

Love the simplicity of this platform. Would it be possible to enhance the classroom module capability so it can deal with text based lessons as well? Although a text space is available, there seems a limitation on the formatting and integration of images etc. Currently it assumes all lessons are video based but I think capability for text based lessons would add a lot of value.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Philip Michael
Charlie Johnson
Leanne Sklavenitis
New comment Apr 2
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe yes correct the ability for RTF and more importantly to add images and not limit the characters. I have some courses entirely text based and others mixed.

Hi, I'm seriously considering switching to Skool for my community platform. Here are some important questions: 1. We're not finding any integration either direct or through WP Fusion or Zapier to integrate across platforms to provide automatic enrollment: For example if someone buys a product from Infusionsoft/Keap, or 10000 people buy a product, we want them to be automatically enrolled into their Skool group. Is this possible? 2. Exporting the data: If at any point we want to download all member data such as name, email, course, etc. into a CSV, is that possible? 3. Is there anyway for members to post events that will show up as events on the calendar rather than posts?



Leah Fisch
Dennis Kraus
Jesse Clark
Philip Michael
Danny Mallinder
New comment Mar 25
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe on 2. why would Skool not allow that even if it is PII? I don't think PII is a valid reason as I don't see that restriction on other paid platforms. If we ever wanted to switch platforms that's a huge restriction. It's like saying you can't export your email list, even though you own the list. I would say this feature is non-negotiable.

I know this has been asked many times but I wanted to provide a specific use case in hopes of bringing clarity to this potential enhancement. And yes, I understand the model Skool was built for but I'm hopeful there will be some room for flexibility at some point. My Use Case: I only have one solution that I provide but multiple levels of access to me. Ideally, everyone in my world would get access to the community but only access to the specific items they’ve invested in. To me that makes sense because the community will be talking about the same things regardless of the level of access they have to me. Everything is based on one framework. Therefore everyone can and should be in one community. Sharing experiences, success, challenges, etc. But they shouldn’t all have access to all the different courses / content. For example, I will be creating a self-liquidating acquisitions funnel that is a book funnel where I have a couple OTOs of small mini courses, etc. The next level is an online video course. Where we go deeper into the framework, etc. The final level is Coaching and Mentorship. For me personally, creating a separate Skool account for each level just creates a ton more work on my end that really is not needed - especially when it comes to the different communities. Plus keeping engagement up for each community would be extremely difficult. You could argue that the coaching clients should get there own Skool account and that’s fine. But it’s not something I’d like to do at the start. I’d rather have everyone under one roof. I would be willing to pay a higher monthly fee for something like this too. I understand this is not really on the radar at the moment but I keep seeing people asking for it so I thought I’d try to add more clarity. Hope it all makes sense. Thanks!!



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Drew Laughlin
Danny Mallinder
Philip Michael
Samuel J Snead
New comment Mar 20
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    @Samuel J Snead have you looked at Mighty Networks? I think it can deliver everything you need.

One thing I love about Skool is all the attention to the little things. So here's a little detail Skool may want to address: When I'm in my group, the favicon should be the icon I upload in the settings of my Skool group - not the Skool logo. Benefits of this update: - it's a nice touch that shows attention to detail - it shows Skool cares about their group owners/customers - it offers group owners/customers more of a sense of ownership - my customers won't recognize the skool logo in the tab, but they'll recognize my group icon, so they'll be more likely to click it and not close it - it will give all the "pro white labelers" (like @Andrew Kirby) here on Skool something to be happy about :)



Philip Michael
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Mar 14
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    I would add also the ability to remove "powered by Skool", and offer affiliate scheme for those who wish to keep it (i.e. use as affiliate badge like Clickfunnels).

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