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YouTube Ad Testing
I keep getting told that YouTube ads are different from Facebook and that you can't test. That it takes longer for the algorithm. Is this true? Very frustrating, testing is everything.
New comment Oct '23
0 likes • Sep '23
thank you
Organic YouTube Q&A - Thread
Got any Qs about YouTube: - video - gear - scripts - strategy - thumbnails - youtube growth Happy to add some value here on this thread. We have a channel with 1.2M subs in the self-improvement niche. I know this is a paid ads-focused group, but most of you have an organic nurture platform as well 🙌
New comment Jan 10
Organic YouTube Q&A - Thread
1 like • May '23
I'm stuck at 28,000 subs. How do I cross that 100K level? Do mostly live streams. Afraid of giving too much away as a roadblock to sell my courses and coaching. // Average view duration on live streams 15 minutes of a 30 minute stream I feel like what got me here won't get me there.
0 likes • May '23
@Clark Kegley thanks so much for the advice. Greatly appreciated.
This YouTube Ad has made our client over $646,252.15 in 3 months...
Happy Tuesday Ad Men, Today I wanna give you a quick a mini-masterclass on YouTube Ads and show you how that shows you how this YouTube Ad has helped out client make over $646,252.15 in the last 3 months! In this mini-masterclass, I'm going to give you an an exact run-down of: - The script we wrote - How the client recorded the Ad - How we edited it - Why this ad converts Let's get started! So 3-months ago we started working with Brandon Carter (aka KingKeto) to help him scale w/ YouTube Ads... Here’s how much money we’ve helped him make so far: Total Spend: $201,365.09 Total Revenue: $646,252.15 Total ROAS: 3.21 Total Profit: $369,161.00 Now, here's how we did it 👇 So first things first, 80% of YOUR success when running YouTube Ads comes down to your creative. And 80% of your creative’s success comes down to your HOOK. Your HOOK is the first few seconds of your ad. Remember, you ONLY have 5 seconds before someone can SKIP your ad… And this HOOK does 3 KEY things that YOU must do with your YouTube Ads in order to replicate its success... Here's what it says: “HEY! STOP training people in person to make money as a personal trainer…” Can you see it? If not read it again… Here’s what it does: That first “HEY!” gets the viewers attention. And the “STOP” keeps their attention long enough for them to hear the rest of the sentence… It also qualifies them immediately by calling out WHO they are & WHAT they're doing "wrong"! But wait, we're not done yet, there's more... "It's trash, it's garbage, it sucks... do online personal training instead!" So now we’re throwing stones and creating a little bit of controversy. The classic: "DON'T do this, DO this instead" And here’s where we present the better alternative, aka the offer: "It's the fastest way to make over $100,000 a year from your own home, on a laptop, or a phone..." So now we’re appealing to their WANTS, aka their DESIRES, GOALS, and DREAMS. Personal trainers, just like anyone else really, want to make more money and have more freedom...
New comment Mar 4
This YouTube Ad has made our client over $646,252.15 in 3 months...
2 likes • Mar '23
thank you for sharing
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