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did anyone knows about it ?
guys did max give a solution to stripe in middle east
Oni S
Youssef Guirguess
Hamid Nuh
Heekz Khalaf
Abdullah Yaghmour
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Bank wires or stripe Atlas max didn't say that tho
Meeting with bathroom renovation company
Hey guys, been implementing some of the things from max‘s course and other sources too to try and create a good offer for a bathroom/kitchen renovation company, but I’m struggling to decide on an offer. So the bathroom company owner says their AOV is £10k and they do about 6 per week. But it is always slow in Hanuars so what’s to start filling up the calendar for January. He said he wouldn’t like to spend more than £600 on ads, £1000/month all in with service fee. He also says he would like 6 leads per week, however, this would be my first client so I’m not sure how realistic this is. Ive Said that my fee is £600 per month to make the facebook add and just give the Leads to him. That was 2 days ago. He said he would think about it and I booked him in for another meeting tomorrow afternoon. Any tips on what I should do? Or should I try to get his budget up? But keep my fee at £600? Would be unprofessional to change my fee at this stage
Oni S
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yes tell him that the more money he spends = the more leads he's going to get Leave your service retainer at 600 or try to make it less so he can afford more ad spend. He'll be grateful for that and you can always upsell him to a better retainer as your service gets better. If you know how to run ads properly you should get a CPL of 15$ and if your client has a budget of 600$ it should be enough to get him 6 leads per week but those might not be quality leads.
YO I'm sharing my DM process
I'm 13 and I book 6 meetings out of every 10 DMs I send. I'm also good at school and the reason for that is I help explain the topics we take to my friends. I'm not saying I'm selfish but teaching a topic will help you retain 90% of the information you absorb. So I try to explain everything I build or learn to 5-6 people. If you would like to hop on a call with me where I explain what my DM process is like you would be doing me a favor!
Lukas Hines
Oni S
Venkat Maddala
Loveson Kaliraj
Mateja Matic
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@Lukas Hines thanks lukas
11d ago 
🔔 #Wins
Just signed another client!!
Someone pinch me right now! I can't believe this! Finally hit 10k !!!!
Shehbaz Sarkaria
Rudra Singh
Michael R
Dev Ww
New comment 9d ago
I don't have an SOP but what i did was layout all the client touch points on a Miro board and tried to streamline it as much as possible in order to simplify and scale my agency. I can show you how it's supposed to look like. DM me
help me reach 10k a month please
hi guys im from morocco and i am 16 years old trying to start my SMMA so when i finish this course of max perzon i want to work worldwide with my agencyand get clients from around the world but i dont know how can you guys please help me. also stripe is not available in my country thank you so much
Youssef Guirguess
Zayd Thahir
Oni S
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Bank wires Or Payoneer
Wins! 3 Meetings set from 27 dms
I'm currently in a saturated niche with a few clients, I have gotten excellent results for one of them and I tried using his results as leverage to get more meetings set but because the niche is so saturated it just doesn't work. So this morning I decided to swap niches and I pick one no one is talking about. As a result from 27 dms I set 3 meetings. I'm also currently reading Alex Hormozi's book $100m Leads. When it comes to the point where I have to pitch my offer to the business owner I use a framework that Alex talks about in his book which works really well, which I will share. My advice if you are doing DM / Text outreach once you pitch to the owner and if they reply with anything that looks like they might be even slightly interested call them immediately. DO NOT keep texting back and forth.
Kavin Prabhu
Yuval Yaron
Theodore Karam
Palamani Saichakri
Oni S
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You'll crack dms soon i have 63% book rate
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