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Purging spam members
Hey guys, I'm back and excited to kick this community into high gear. One of the things I want to do is purge the community of spammy members. But I need your help: If you see a post that you think is spam, share a link TO THE POST in the comments of this post. Also, if you're in this community as a member already, you don't have to pay a recurring monthly fee. But new members do, so that ought to prevent a lot of the spammers. Let's try this out and see how it goes. I intend on adding a lot of new content shortly and it will be available to all members at no additional cost. =)
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Super excited! 💪
Revival of this community!
@Michael Mignogna I love this place, it's one of the only places you can come to talk with a tight-knit community of intelligent SMMA owners who care about client results and not just sales, sales, sales and stripe screenshots. Lately I think there's been an influx of some less qualified members and that's reflected in the recent posts. ** I respect all members no matter the stage of their SMMA Journey without a doubt ** But maybe Michael should add some qualifying questions to get in so we don't see posts that are lower quality. I love seeing long posts with value, and posts with genuine questions that you answer just by asking google. Being new is completely OK, and everyone was new at some point, but it doesn't mean you have to post low quality things. What is everyone else's thoughts?
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Roofing agency in UK
Anyone working with roofers in uk. please tell me does the hope framework work in uk market too ?
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100% works in the UK man get to work G
How's it going guys. I just quickly made this doc calculating the prices of my SMMA services. What do you think? Is it good or not?
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You can’t really generate leads for cafes and bakeries man. Also I’ve noticed you’re asking a lot of questions on pricing and stuff so seriously man, don’t over complicate it. You’re probably going to have to do your first few for free anyway because you’re inexperienced. Don’t hire a contractor either it’s the worst idea especially as a beginner. So pick a new niche, and start sending messages/cold calling with a performance based offer or for free. You’re overthinking it. Why are there 3 packages as well? You should only offer one thing. Here I’ll do all of it for you: You get $200 per appointment (in a niche you can generate leads for the business) and $1500 per month ad spend. Done took me 10 seconds. Now all you need to focus on is cold calling/prospecting. Volume volume volume. Either do 50 dials a day at least or 100 DMs a day. You’ll make money faster with the dials but it takes guts. It might take you a few months 4-5 before you start seeing good money, there is a lot to learn. Good luck 🤞
To anyone who is good at pricing services and goods: I am about to cold call some potential future paid clients tomorrow and I want to know how much I should charge monthly for my services. My services include: 1. Instagram Page Creation and Management (Reels, Posts, Highlights, Stories etc.) 2. Facebook Page Creation and Management 3. TikTok Page Creation and regular posts (3 a day, Daily) 4. Facebook Ads ($20 budget daily) I've done the calculations for the Facebook ads and they will cost $600 monthly. P.S. I am calculating all the money in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).
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You should stick to one service man, I made the same mistake. Pick content or paid advertising not both. It doesn't look like you have much experience doing either of those, so don't spread yourself thin between all of them. Just pick one service and get good at it.
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