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Official Welcome into Energetics Manifestation! *️⃣Please watch the 17min Video below explaining how to use this group and how to receive the amazing gifts, courses, and prizes too. Here is a written summary: *️⃣What is it? This group was created to provide you some of the greatest value you will ever come across in the areas of Law of Attraction, Manifestation, and Personal Development. WHILE you get REWARDED for focusing in and engaging in the group. How cool is that? *️⃣How to join? Click this link and answer the 3 membership questions: How does it work? ✅#1 - The reward system Every time you post a win, a question, or a value knowledge piece you are learning from Scott, you EARN POINTS when someone LIKES your post AND/OR comments. 1 Like = 1 Point A few rules you want to know about is you cannot promote your own business or products and you cannot share links (other than Scott’s YouTube, TikTok, or social media posts). This is a community to be focused completely around Scott’s teachings. ✅#2 - Levels from your Rewards You get rewarded for being the most engaged in the group with Levels! Levels are a way of us rewarding you for your amazing focus and study. For example, you start on Level 1. It takes just 5 points to get to Level 2 (5 LIKES on any posts / comments you do). In Level 2, you become the “Contributor” identity. Once you get to Level 3, you get the “Parallel Realities Mini Course" for FREE as your reward! There are 9 Levels total. As you uplevel, the rewards become more and more valuable. ✅#3 - Leaderboards Every Month, the TOP 5 on the Leaderboard will get a PRIZE and GIFT. That will range from free coaching from us, free programs, free merchandise, Amazon gift cards, etc. Every month, you will want to set the intention to be the top engager. ✅#4 - Referrals Every Month, you can invite people you know, your audience, your social media followers, etc.



Tiffany Pace
Claire Bagehot
Marlene Owen
Jinga Majalila
Georgianna Koulianos
New comment 12h ago
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    @Aneeka Abra Thank you!✨

  • 1 like • 9d

    @Joann Moore Welcome Joann.😊 Just joint too! Let´s manifest together!✨

What type of music works best for YOU (add a link to it if possible) and your ability to raise your vibration & help you to manifest quicker? Somehow, I KNOW this group has some incredible tools and insights, and I apologize if this has been asked in an earlier thread ...



Jennifer Kerber
Elsie Gould matthews
Clovette Meikle
Dr. Alvin Miles
Nicola Probst
New comment 14h ago
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    @Dr. Alvin Miles I absolutely love the one Scott played in his course. So so so powerful for me!🤩 Here is the link: Would love to hear about your experience!☺️ Happy Weekend!

Hey Manifestation Family, I know some of you are looking to manifest more TRAVEL into your life. Well let's start a "Vision Board" here on this post! Like and Comment below: #1 - What is your FAVORITE place to vacation? (add a photo!) #2 - Where do you want to MANIFEST to vacation in the future? (add a photo!) -Scott @Celena Brandel @Sheila Rolling @Tatiana Fernandez



Scott Haug
Tiffany Pace
Luanne Prima
Deborah Barrio
Elsie Gould matthews
New comment 5d ago
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    @Scott Haug It's a destination that seems too good to be true, and yet, it's right there waiting to be explored and enjoyed.💙🍹

  • 9 likes • 9d

    @Tiffany Pace Ah, Hawaii!🌺 Another paradise on Earth! Also on my list!

Hi Manifestation Family, what is the most powerful 🔮MANIFESTATION TECHNIQUE or PRACTICE you learned from Scott that has brought transformative results into your life? Thanks for your support & sharing!💕



Aneeka Abra
Nicola Probst
Marlene Owen
Georgianna Koulianos
New comment 8d ago
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    @Aneeka Abra Amazing! Is it on Youtube, so that you can share the link?✨

  • 3 likes • 9d

    @Aneeka Abra Ah yes the very First one! Will check that out today. Thank you!💎✨

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