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You all need to watch this video on ScoreApp
It's only 13 minutes and definitely something for you to understand if this is appropriate for your business. Are used to use it over a year ago and I have to say it's since the invention of AI it's improved massively.
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Impressive functionality. The speed of the AI tool is remarkable. The trick will be to tailor a quiz that encourages clients to like you at the same time as you prod their pain points.
Take this quiz for two reasons
Firstly, it will give you an insight into your own strengths and weaknesses in your business. Secondly, it will give you an understanding of this fantastic app that you could use in your business to generate leads in the same way that I'm starting to.
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Neat. It nudged me on my pain points. Thank you.
Value proposition review
Hi all, I am excited to be on the Results Mastery course this week and Steve suggested I post my value proposition to get some feedback. Be brutal! Working with Nick Shanagher helps you become the best leader you can be. He specialises in supporting small business owners (including startups) to focus on their strengths to make a difference in the world - and money. Nick is based in the Thames Valley and accredited by the award-winning IBD Business Advice Group. His services are available both online and in person. Key focus areas include: Set and hit targets. We use a simple tool to clarify what your success means for you, your team and your family in five years. The focus of this exercise means you will find the signals within the noise, making it easier to say no to tasks that don't matter! Build your value proposition. Most small businesses fail because the owner fails to find a problem to fix big enough to pay for their product or service. Or fail to communicate the solution to get past prospective clients' scepticism about paying for something new. Get a grip. Good discipline is needed to make a strategy work. As companies grow, they face a series of tipping points where they have to review how they operate to ensure that the right people are in the right seats to deliver good customer service. Improved communications and goal setting are vital to help teams pull together so that the good things about your business can scale up. Contact me for a free consultation to determine how I will help you hit your goals.
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Powerful stuff @Steve Mills
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@Michael Wilkinson Thank you, I will buy a mirror!
A big welcome to Kirsty, Arthur, Nick and Stewart
They have all not only joined 'The RESULTS Mastery University' but also joined 'The RESULTS Mastery 5-Day Challenge' which kicked off this morning. In addition, Stewart is the latest member of my fully 'RESULTS Mastery 12-month Program'.
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@Arthur Beverly - good to have you on the team.
Over the years I've found that keeping details of prospects and contacts (outline of meetings, quotes given, etc.) to be invaluable, as people do come back eventually and it's impressive if you appear to not only remember them but also what you "talked" about with them (I get people coming back after a couple of years and saying such as "you'll not remember me but..."). I've used a number of software tools to aid this but would be interested in knowing what others are currently using to not only store this prospect intel but also all the other bits and bobs that can now be gathered against our contacts: emails, notes, website visits, SM interactions etc. Some possible suggestions, Act! (from way back when), Agile CRM, HubSpot, What's everyone using today?
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Hi @Stewart Newberry , I use HubSpot free version, which works for my purposes.
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