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Hi! Which program is the best to use for downloading music in spotify so i can use and edit the music in Reaper or Garageband? Thank you!
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#Dec 5, 2022 Kundalini Awakening Journey with Reece this was intens! I saw my third eye...!! In this journey I really needed to make use of my 'brake and gas'. Go into it, lean into it, step a step aside with slow nose breathing to re-enter gently. Also a bit confused whit the kind of breathing. Was it the intention to do the euphoric breathing or just upper chest? that felt a bit wobbly for me. Nice choice of music; I liked the the last one A LOT!!
euphoric breathing
Question: in two weeks i will be giving a bunch of people a taste of the euphoric breathing with afterwords a colleague who will give a down regulating singing bowls concert. We will also talk about the polyvagal theory. I'm wandering if the 3 x 5' euphoric breathing with breath holds is a good option. Or would it be too much for the first time? In the BM 20day challenge it's a nice building with each day a bit more... I think it would be a good combo. What do you think? Thank you already 🙏
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@Lilla Björnen thanky you Lilla! Yeah, I was also thinking to let them give a juicy taste of it.😋😉
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@Monica Benedetto thanks! I wish you a nice arc of tying it all in - nice breathing and transitioning out. Nicely said of you!
Japanese culture of Wisdom 💪✨☺️
Sharing some powerful wisdom coming from the Japanese culture, so this wisdom can support your growth and improve some patterns that slowing down your expansion. Japanese people understand that connection with life and the purpose of being connected with yourself, so with everything around you. ✨Oubaitori: NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF. Everyone blossoms in their time, in divine time, in different ways. Don't judge yourself by someone else path, as it's not your path. So, honor your path with love and compassion.🥰 ✨KAIZEN: CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE💪 Constantly strive to improve across all areas of your life. Small changes accumulate and make a massive difference. Take one step at a time, but every day.💪 ✨WABI-SABI. EMBRACE IMPERFECTION. Nothing lasts, nothing is complete. Accept yourself at the present moment, accept your flaws and those of others. Find the beauty in everything and imperfection.🥰 ✨GAMAN HAVE DIGNITY DURING DURESS Hard times need to be met with emotional maturity and self-control. We need to practice patience, perseverance, plus tolerance🧘 ✨IGIKAI KNOW YOUR REASON FOR BEING. Define the reason you get up in the morning. Make it something you are good at, passionate about, and that world needs. THIS IS MEANING🎆 ✨SHIKITA GA NAI ACCEPT AND LET GO. Some things simply aren't within our control. Accept what you cannot change and move on🙏 ✨ SHU-HA-RI DON'T BE WASTEFUL Everything deserves respect and gratitude. Recognize the value of what's around you and don't waste it❤️ ✨KINTSUGI REPAIR CRACKS WITH GOLD. Imperfections are things with beauty. The journeys we all take are golden. Our flaws are embellishments that make us more beautiful😍 ✨OMOIYARI SHOW CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS. Life is better when we care for others. Be thoughtful. Build compassion.❤️👫👪🧑‍🦽🧑‍🦼🤰🧕👶🤱🧑‍🦳🐄🐘🦮🐱🐷🐑🌳🌲...❤️
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Beautiful! do you also know MONO NO AWARE mono no aware signifies the deep feeling or pathos of things, the powerful emotions that objects can evoke or instil in us. It is often associated with a poignant feeling of transience, a beautiful sadness in the passing of lives and objects, like the glorious colour of autumn leaves as they are about to fall. Falling blossoms, the changes of the moon, the passing of the seasons, the plaintive cries of birds or insects, and the absence of friends or lovers. Mono no aware has hence also been translated as ‘the “ahness” of things’. It is the way in which something affects us immediately.
SpongeBob SquarePants...
I don't know about you guys, but since I started practicing BW daily, my brain feels spongier - in its ability to learn and soak up information. It almost feels like my "pores" have unclogged. I started learning Italian just to check if it's my imagination or a real benefit. I would love to hear about your individual experiences with this - do you also feel a bit spongier, maybe assimilation is easier? Matrix Neo was my second choice :)
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I notice I see more colors; my view is also bigger, brighter. I feel lighter. I have also a total other look at people. I smile more. And the willing to learn more and absorb is bigger yes.
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actress/theater director who's best buddy is her breath, always with me and dancing with me. planning to help people discover this natural medicine.
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