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Workshop exercises to determine metrics
Hello - I facilitate a lot of team discussions related to strategic planning. Wondering if anyone can share exercises they've done to help a team identify and determine their KPIs besides brainstorming?
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@Tyler Dove Hi Tyler - not yet. Email me at to connect.
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@Marco Pegoraro thanks for this link. I hadn't seen it - but it's helpful. It looks like it was created around the same time I asked my question.
Cold Lead Outreach template
Can anyone share a Cold Lead Outreach template in which they've used to reach out to potential clients they don't know? I'm feeling a bit stuck here. I've moved back to LA and need to broaden my network again (since I haven't lived here for 8 years). I've lost touch with most of my previous connections. I would love any advice or guidance 🙏😄
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Cold Lead Outreach template
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@KESHIA from CALI -Kfc Hey there, I’m in Atlanta. If you’re still looking for an accountability partner (or another one), let’s chat! Cold outreach is new to me but I need to build up my experience. Could use some help. Happy to offer any support I can also. My email is
Are business cards still a thing for you?
I'll be hitting more events and conferences this year and want to know whats the best way for the people you meet to remember you? Business cards have always been a kind of waste of paper for me but I've noticed QR scanning my LinkedIn account or something is not so steamlined. If you use QR scanning to share your creds, what do you use and where does it lead to?
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I put my QR code on my business card that sends the person to a Linktree. That way they can see my website, Linkedin, and Calendly all in one spot. I don't like the digital business cards because, while it adds the contact information in my phone quickly, unless we reach out to each other immediately, the contact is essentially lost.
What do you do with yourself, when everyone is writing/working?--in-person
I am wondering what others primarily do while in-person participants are working? Do you look off into the distance? Look around at the participants with a pleasant expression? Look at your notes and plan for the next activity? Walk around like an overseer/proctor? Doodle? 😂 I am just wondering how to be neither distracting nor awkward when the focus is not on me. 🤔
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What do you do with yourself, when everyone is writing/working?--in-person
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I walk around and check in with individuals/tables who seem like they may be stuck. Sometimes I'll repeat the instructions. I'll also use the time to take a sip of water and check the time against my agenda. It's usually not a long time, maybe 3-15 minutes depending on the activity and whether its individual or small group based.
Mixed Ability Workshop
I am in the process of designing a workshop for a group of people working in a retail business. The audience have varied learning abilities and I have been asked to limit the amount of writing required so it can meet the learning needs of everyone in the room. I am going to focus on using images and pre-populated post-it notes which will just require placements for the activities. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any more suggestions will be much appreciated.
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Images and prepopulated post-its are good. I'd add encouraging the audience to draw ideas instead of writing. If you're doing breakout groups, you can assign notetakers ahead of time so there's a clear expectation for participation (your client counterpart can suggest the people).
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