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Welcome to Productive People! Introduce Yourself Here! 👋
Welcome to the Productive People private community. Here's a list of ways you can connect with others in the group! :) - Leave a comment below sharing what you do for work. Include a picture of your desk/set-up for the day. Even if you're at the beach getting some self care or you're at a coffee shop working away. - DM another member and introduce yourself if you want to get to know them. (Lets make lots of valuable connections with this group!)
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I'm a builder of homes and dreams, passionate about creating spaces where people can thrive. I also enjoy trading and collaborating with like-minded individuals. I've been a member of this community for a month now, and I'm continually impressed by the quality of the program Carter has created. The features and opportunities for connection here are truly exceptional. In addition to Productive People, I'm also a member of AI Foundations, another high-quality program run by Carter and Drake that focuses on all things AI. I'm excited to explore both communities further and connect with fellow members who share my interests in productivity, AI, building, and emerging technologies.
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Thank you, looking forward to being completely setup in PB 4.0
Why Quick Capture? ⚡
Why is it important to have quick capture in place? Why is it located in the upper left hand corner?
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Why Quick Capture? ⚡
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Quick Capture will streamline my workflow by reducing the clutter of notes scattered everywhere. It will help organize and prioritize my ideas, keeping my work process smooth and efficient. Fact - Short-term memory: Typically, without rehearsal or active effort to retain an idea, short-term memory can hold information for about 15 to 30 seconds. If the idea is simple or striking, it might linger a bit longer.
Explain in your own words how the "days" database works...
Typically Notion has a hard time of keeping track of 'days', yes there are recurring pages in databases but these occur on the day of. What if you want to project out into the future and have a dynamic daily view of habits and metrics? That's where days comes in... explain how the days database works in your own words.
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Explain in your own words how the "days" database works...
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Once the "Days" database is populated, you can generate various reports based on the available data. One question I do have is can we create an automation that will populate the "Days" database from our calendars and task database. This would eliminate the clerical duties to one entry.
What have you learned about Notion so far?
Share something you learned about Notion. What surprised you? What do you still have questions about? Comment below.
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For me it is having an all-in-one customizable workspace for my projects, and having Carter teaching us how to navigate and tailor this tool for our niche. On top of that being part of an active community specific to this program helps with the learning curve.
Productive Brain 4.0 Is HERE!
In 4.0 we have some exciting developments, this group will now be a paid subscription that will give full access to all the templates and courses I've released. Lifetime members will get to keep access to Productive Brain without subscribing. Access 4.0 Here Productive Brain now has new features that I'm so excited to share: 1.) Packs - We have introduced templates within templates with packs! - Notion Finances: Includes bank sync live and P&L! Perfect for doing my taxes. - Notion CRM Template: Including sales pipeline and follow up system! Notion. - Notion Book Tracker Template: Includes a book tracking database with a connection to your Notes! 2.) Sessions - Now tasks can be tracked with an intuitive time clock, you can track down to the minute of every task you are working on through the day and total up tasks on a goal. This is great for invoice line items or just tracking how much time your spending in certain areas! It's seamless, easy and fun to use! 3.) And of course it includes all of the classic features from earlier versions of Productive Brain, including Task Tracking, Note Taking, GTD Capture System and Processing System, Planning System, Habits, Areas and a simplified "Goals" database replaces Sub Areas! With the rise of LLMs and Ai, data is more important than ever, so collecting this information in your Productive Brain creates a massive leverage point! You can analyze your data like never before using tools like ChatGPT and Claude by Anthropic! Notion also has an api that connects with many popular tools like Make and Zapier along with other native integrations. Tracking things like your sleep hours, workout time, true/false habits, qualitative habits and daily journaling, are easier than ever! This adds to the capturing functionality in a very meaningful way and allows you to magnetically attract all of your data to one centralized Second Brain!
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The new features like Packs, Sessions, and improved data tracking capabilities will be great for users like me who want to enhance productivity and personal information management. These tools should also help with work-life balance. I'm excited to get started!
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