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Hey everyone, I'm new to this, and let me just say, the daily activity tracker is looking like a total game-changer. I mean, seriously, it's perfect for community environments, just like GitHub's activity tracker. The visually appealing design is top-notch, and the analytical capabilities take it to the next level, making it one of the coolest features I've come across. Now let's talk about those bright green dots, folks! They're like a surge of motivation straight to your system. I'm absolutely stoked to fill in my first dot and experience that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with it. It's almost like the tracker has a way of pushing me to participate and keep making progress.



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Hey team, we are looking at adding automated subscriptions (monthly payments) as one of our offers. We would like to add Skool as the manager of this however with the payment portal being seperate in past experience it has frustrated users. I know how to connect Thrivecart for one off payments but would love a native integration of sorts. Is something like this in the works?



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I run a 1500 person scifi community on Discord with token gated access. What is token gating? Token gating is a verification method whereby communities can provide exclusive access to spaces, events, content, and communities to people who own specific digital assets in their digital wallets such as MetaMask. The problem with Discord is they have waaaay to many features and many members feel overwhelmed. I'd love to see a web3 integration for Skool. It would be a game changer and would easily attract token gated Discord communities looking for an easier to use platform.



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    @Marcos Ruiz thanks I would appreciate the like on the post. Its how we move up the leaderboard.

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    @Marcos Ruiz thank you sir

I'd love to explain why it's important to give developers the ability to create custom apps for Skool, similar to what Discord does! - So, first things first, having custom apps would allow for more functionalities to be added to the Skool platform. It could be something like integrating with other software, customized moderation tools, or even specialized bots that could help with managing communities. - But that's not all! Having custom apps would also enhance the user experience by providing tailored features that cater to the specific needs and preferences of the Skool community. Think of custom themes, specialized chat rooms, and unique ways to interact with data. - Plus, allowing developers to create custom apps would provide greater flexibility and customization to users, which could attract more people to the platform and keep existing users engaged by offering features that aren't available elsewhere. - By incorporating custom apps, Skool could also encourage greater engagement and participation within the community by offering things like custom rewards systems, interactive games, and tools to facilitate discussions and collaboration. - Finally, having a wide range of custom apps would set Skool apart from other community platforms and give them a competitive advantage. This would help them attract new users, retain existing ones, and establish themselves as a leader in the community platform space. So there you have it! By allowing developers to create custom apps for Skool, the platform could improve the following: - Add wider range of functionalities, - Enhance the user experience, - Provide greater flexibility, - Encourage engagement, - And gain a competitive advantage.



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    @Tom Sult Agreed. Would you be willing to like the post in mutual agreement?

If you are looking for an efficient way to organize and manage your Skool community, you might want to consider implementing the "Category Access Levels" feature into the roadmap. This simple yet powerful feature, which is exclusive to Discord, can make a significant difference in enhancing and incentivizing community engagement and productivity. The concept is straightforward: assign discussion categories to specific access levels. The higher the access level, the more advanced the discussions and information accessible to those users. Here are some of the benefits of using Category Access Levels: - Motivate new members to actively participate and level up to gain access to new discussions, more valuable information, and higher-level members. This feature incentivizes users to contribute more, thereby improving overall community engagement and retention. - Prevent beginner-level discussions from derailing more advanced conversations. With Category Discussion Access Levels, you can ensure that users only participate in discussions that match their level of knowledge and experience. This helps to keep conversations on track and prevent confusion or frustration among users. - Reward users with tangible benefits rather than just virtual participation medals. As users level up, they gain access to more valuable discussions and information, which adds real value to their membership and incentivizes them to continue participating in the community. In conclusion, if you want to take the Skool platform to the next level, Category Access Levels is an excellent feature to consider. With its straightforward implementation and numerous benefits, it is undoubtedly one of the best features offered by Discord. And will defiantly attract communities unsatisfied with other features to consider abandoning Discord for Skool.



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