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April Flowers
Hi Everyone, In the April Newsletter, I discussed falling behind on tasks. One of these tasks was creating a thank-you for Stephanie Immer, the speaker of last month's Flower-Arranging class. I have just completed it. This gesture of appreciation, including pictures of the flowers created by those in the class, was a fantastic idea proposed by our newest member, @Patrice Faraclas . Let's warmly welcome our newest member @Patrice Faraclas. You can admire her stunning flower arrangement at the bottom of the attached pdf created for Stephanie. (Let me know ASAP if you have any suggested changes or additional photos to add :-)) You can find the recording of this program in the Awaken Your Creative Force section of the classroom Many other videos have been added to the classroom, so look around; you might just find something special!
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Just Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your talent and passing along some great tips! Welcome Patrice 🌻💖
Hi Everyone :) I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support. I cannot begin to express how happy i am to be in collaboration with so many amazing people. I am slowly building the Dream Circle and hope to bring more members to this exciting platform. If anyone has any dreamy ideas or needs any help with your projects please let me know. We are all in this together. 💖 Oh, and keep your eye out for some inspirational quotes on the FB page ;)
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21 Days of Purposeful Action and Growth Challenge
Update: I have just posted the template to the Facebook Group. The challenge begins Monday! But I also want to share the template for those not using Facebook. You are welcome to participate and share your progress here on SKOOL. Hi, All; I have so much to do for Divine Potentiality. The good news is that I have lots of clarity and am confident I can do what I must to build these strong foundational pieces. I will do a 21-day sprint to get as much done as possible starting Monday, January 15th for 21 days. Would love to have some company. You can join the challenge at the link below. You will get a special spreadsheet and the opportunity to join co-working meetings that will make these 21 days joyful and productive! Much love, Michelle
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21 Days of Purposeful Action and Growth Challenge
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The more the merrier!!
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Looking forward to seeing you Whitney.
Amazing New Programs Organized by Divine Potentiality Members
So much to celebrate! Congratulations to members @Michelle Swetra and @Chelsea Murray Faraclas who both did their first programs this week for Divine Potentiality. If you missed the programs, you can find the recordings in the classroom section of Skool. Chelsea's "Cozy Christmas Crafting", is in the Awaken Your Creative Force section, and Michelle's "Dream Exploration" is in the Dream Your Future Section. More Dream and Creativity programs to come! Also, New Member Rev Michael Zarchian, a certified expert in Mindfulness Meditation and Loving Kindness Practice will hold his first program on Dec 14 at 11 a.m. Pacific, you can sign up here:
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Amazing New Programs Organized by Divine Potentiality Members
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I had so much fun sharing some tips for working with your dreams, understanding them and using them to your benefit. I look forward to the chance to delve deeper into the dream world with everyone :)
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Michelle Swetra
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Dreams, Oracles, Tarot, Numerology and Astrology all play well together and I love to share how. Lets have fun with it!

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