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2 LEADS😭 Hope Ads, Location or Seasonality?
Hi everyone. I am running Michael's HOPE ads for a roofing contractor in Lubbock, Texas, a town of about 200,000 people. It's been about 14 days since I started running ads for him, and I've gotten him two leads. We ran the campaign at $50 for 5 days and one lead came through, so I called my client and told him the season would likely impact the number of homeowners coming in around this time of year. I switched him over to the "Winter Offer" where we run at $10 to alleviate some pressure and to give my client better expectations. The second lead came the day after we switched to $10 daily. However, it's been a week with no new leads. The KPIs seem to be performing up to par with Michael's standards ($18 CPM and $2.70 CPC for HOPE ad #1, and the second ad(message from owner to homeowner), $13 CPM, $2.10 CPC). For added context ^, I am following the EXACT landing page guidelines set forth on Michael's channel. Why might the conversion of the ads be so low? - Are my ad creatives just horrible? Or do the KPIs disprove that? - Could it be the location and the messaging (50 TRUCKS, FANCY OFFICES) not resonating with the locals because it's a small town, and that doesn't apply as much? - Could it be because of seasonality and homeowners don't want to talk to roofers? If there's something I'm missing, or if anyone finds this particularly interesting, reach out! God bless :)
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Why are so many ads turned off?
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@Oscar Sey create more ad variations and make them way different than one another. Single image, carousel, video, image with writing on it, etc. Leave all ads on even if they aren’t being distributed much. Use advantage+ placements
First proper sales call
first proper sales call today. Didn't manage to close but learnt a lot . grate conversation but do need to get better at handling price objections. i know i didn't create enough incentive/ pain in the first half. He was also having trouble hiring subcontractors. even though i didn't close still very happy and have a lot to work on. 👍
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Did you record it?
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Message me the call recording and I’ll go over it for you. @Nyatepe Daitey
Quick Question
What sort of questions should I ask my clients to write great ad copy?
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Every homeowner wants a contractor who does great work, that they can trust, and who charges fair prices. The HOPE framework course in the classroom has exact copy that works, plus goes deeper into the theory. Or you can write your own sales copy that communicates what I mention above as the homeowner's biggest concerns.
Send leads into client's CRM
Does anyone know how to upload leads from GHL into their client's CRM? I've had some new clients want this done and I only got this far:
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@Jay Stevens yea you should get them to use the CRM as much as possible especially for making phone calls
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@Yoan Kostadinov well done! I’ve done this exact thing. And then I was able to convince the client to ditch hatch and use my GHL that I white label.
New sales call recording in FFNF sales course
This one is full of gold. Learn to say what I say and how I say it and you'll close deals like CRAZY. Don't have the course? Get it here:
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@Sai Charan yep. Price will be increasing periodically as I add value and build out the course. Grab it and then shoot me a message and I’ll send you a link to schedule a zoom with me for an hour.
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