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Why aren't you participating in the membership challenge?
The Membership challenge is underway. Some people are on track to make $15k MRR ($180k /year). Why aren't you participating? I'm curious...
Maitha Al Shamsi
Alex Trifunoski
Saqib Rasool
Jamus McKenna
Jason Zagami
New comment Nov 2
1 like • Oct 6
@Troy Milligan that won't work for me
0 likes • Oct 6
@Troy Milligan I already have a paid group programme on Skool. But I get members to pay me away from the skool payment system
LIVE Feature?
Will there be the ability to go LIVE? Not having this feature is the ONLY thing keeping us from shifting our FB community to Skool...
Mariah Coz
Bernardo Fagot
Tim Grover
Fitzgerald Council
Nadine Pulver
New comment 3d ago
6 likes • Aug 30
I know of other people who are not moving to Skool because of not being able to go live into the Skool group.
Schedule Posts
Is there a planned feature to Schedule Posts? I like to schedule posts ahead of time sometimes. @Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Anthony Llanos
Mia Arrowsmith
Lisa Baker
Alex Smith
New comment 3d ago
2 likes • 4d
@Khan Magne its terrible that someone has to get up to post.
1 like • 4d
@Natalie Alsop @Andrea A Smith @Alex Smith
Introducing "Discovery" — Explore Communities and Get Discovered
Now you can explore all the communities on Skool! This has two benefits: 1. Members can find communities that interest them 2. Communities get found by members (free advertising) Open your switcher (cmd + k) and click "Discover communities" to explore. You can search for anything, browse categories, and filter by free/paid, and private/public. We rank communities by an engagement/quality score. The more engaged your community is, the higher you rank. This means the better you make your community, the more members you get. Watch the video below for more info. Enjoy 🎉
Gabriel Padilla
Danny Westwood
Kobi Asare
Kory Kahley
Steven Pearson
New comment 28d ago
0 likes • Oct 25
Great feature if you can find it! Can you add a link to that search area? I have tried looking for it via google search. And all the options bring me back to this skool community. @Sam Ovens Thanks
When I set up a calendar event for selected people. Is the calendar event visible to all members in the calendar? I do not want people without access to the event to see the zoom link on the event
Joshua St. Clair
Asmâa Methqal
Mia Arrowsmith
New comment 13d ago
0 likes • 13d
Don't understand how to provide a closed link. So I live the feature of being able to restricted members access to courses. This should also be an option on calendar. events This issue needs to be looked into.
0 likes • 13d
Following our convo @Natalie Alsop using the Calender on Skool ie pointless for a mixed group of members eg on different courses with restricted access Looks like it is better to set up Google Calendar events and invite participants for particular courses that way.
Errors appearing in email send outs...
Hey, does anyone know why this posting showed up so many errors on my client's email?? Has anyone else experienced this? image below...
Mia Arrowsmith
Dave Pugh
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment 26d ago
1 like • 26d
who are you with @Dave Pugh do they have a 24 chat service that you could ask for help from?
1 like • 26d
@Dave Pugh can you alter the email yourself?
Syncing with SKOOL Calendar
is there a way to download the calendar or sync it with a users own calender? I mean the whole calendar and not just individual items
Mia Arrowsmith
Bipasha Dutta
Lisa Baker
Julian Heck
Valeria Fiumano
New comment Nov 2
1 like • Jun 30
great question
Introducing "$1 Club" — the first paid community on skool
Introducing the first paid community on Skool — "$1 Club". Its purpose: To demonstrate the paid community experience. For $1 /month you'll get to: 1. See what it's like to subscribe to a paid community (as a member) 2. See what it's like to sell a paid community (as an admin) 3. Be first in line to use the payments system (for your own community) Click here to join $1 Club. We don't expect you to pay $1 /month ongoing. You can cancel your subscription at any time with 1-click. We're doing this as a live demonstration of our payments system. See you on the other side!
Damaris Avila
Austin Blanchfill
Marc God
Hoàng Vịnh
Christina Westergaard Larsen
New comment Oct 10
2 likes • Aug 3
@Robbie Page I set up the different pillars of my programme as seperate courses. It is courses that you allocate.
0 likes • Aug 3
@Robbie Page super
Streaming Live
Having again... another debate about Facebook Group vs Skool Group. One of the factors affecting some people Decision regarding Skool, is due to no ability to stream live into the Skool group. Is this live feature in the pipeline for adding to Skool? If so, when?
Jonathan Ryle
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Mia Arrowsmith
New comment Sep 12
0 likes • Sep 12
I am currently running a free Facebook group and streaming live into there from Zoom.
0 likes • Sep 12
@Jonathan Ryle I am glad that I am not alone in requesting this
Skool has iOS & Android apps!
Skool's official iOS and Android apps are live! Scan the QR code to download it, or: Get the iOS app here. Get the Android app here. The apps have push notifications, links open in the app, + more. Enjoy 🎉
Kevin Flores
Anthony Llanos
Joseph Henry
Josh Gavin
Graham Waite
New comment Sep 12
3 likes • Jun 15
Is it possible to lock discussion board?
I know you can lock courses. Can you do the same with the discussion board? Only give access to members that meet a criteria? Is this in the works?
David Cavanagh
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Mia Arrowsmith
Gio Garcia
Damaris Avila
New comment Sep 8
1 like • Jul 17
I would love to choose who has access to particular posts and also allow members to be able to do this eg all members, members on a particular course.
0 likes • Jul 17
@Valentin Rosas this is a good point
Growing my community
I ran a giveaway competition during July to help boost the number of members. My group is growing slowly, now up to 44 members since switching to the free version from a closed private group with 8 inactive members! The ability to email all the members is pretty cool when creating posts. Great to hear how people are pushing traffic to their groups? I've got LinkedIn outreach campaigns running inviting select prospects to the group, also mentioning it in all my emails etc... What are other people doing to promote their free groups? 🤩
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Stephen G. Pope
Mariah Coz
Alex Smith
Cody McDowell
New comment Aug 7
1 like • Aug 2
That's brilliant
Now you can toggle between calendar and events list
We recently shipped these changes to the calendar feature. People loved the ability to set access permissions, cover images, etc. But most didn't like the events UI, they preferred the calendar. So... Now the calendar UI is back! And you can toggle between calendar/events list with a single click. We learned something from this: Next time we make any meaningful changes to the interface, we'll ship the change to a small beta group of communities and gather feedback there before we ship the change to everybody. Skool is a lot bigger now, and we need to adjust our process. We're learning!
Sam Martin
Maddie Reese
Sven Meisiek
Ender Aysal
Jen Gessler
New comment Jul 31
2 likes • Jul 25
Like it
New feature: Calendar event permissions (+ more)
Now you can set access permissions for your events, just like courses. You can make events accessible to members at a level, or members with a course. You can set a cover image to personalize your events, and specify the link/address separate from the description so it shows/hides depending on the member's access. We renamed the "Calendar" tab to "Events" because it's the events that are important, and this new UI emphasizes the events instead of empty white space. We added a cool "LIVE" indicator too! Watch this video to see how this new feature works, and let us know what you think?
Ronda Moore
Ryan Fletcher
Robert Clay
Sergio Camus
Jacob Murphy
New comment Jul 31
3 likes • Jul 11
Wish we had the option of Calender or list... for events
New member request improvements
@Sam Ovens, can I suggest two improvements to new member requests. Firstly, we need some form of notification when a new member requests to join a group. I can be busy doing other things and sometimes simply do not see the requests for several hours. Secondly, people often try to join without answering the three questions. Can we please have a way to make answering the questions a requirement. If I can’t see who they are and how to contact them, I would rather not have them in the group, but there still doesn’t seem to be a way to make it mandatory to answer the questions. Thank you!
Andrea A Smith
Robert Clay
Natalie Alsop
Alex Smith
Nurlan Puchak
New comment Jul 26
1 like • Jul 25
@Robert Clay thats not very good is it
1 like • Jul 25
@Robert Clay good idea
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