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How can I NOT show the courses that are only available to some members
As I add more courses to our classroom, it's becoming very confusing. Is it possible to display courses only to users who have access to them? Currently, it shows "You Don't Have Access To This Course," but it doesn't provide a way for them to unlock it. What should I do in this situation? Can we simply hide the courses that users don't have access to? Thanks for the help
New comment Jun 12
How can I NOT show the courses that are only available to some members
2 likes • Jun 12
Have you thought about the benefits of members seeing the courses they are not in. I think this creates intrigue and fomo. It's a soft and subtle way of promoting your other courses to those who have not signed up to them yet. Have your members told you that it is confusing? If they have. I would say - In the classroom are all the courses that are available to choose from. As you unlock each course, it's contents will become available to you. If you make it an issue, members will see it as an issue. However, if you see the unlock / locked courses visibility as a benefit. So will your members.
Schedule Posts
Is there a planned feature to Schedule Posts? I like to schedule posts ahead of time sometimes. @Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment 14d ago
3 likes • Apr 5
@Andrea Camerota honestly. I am shocked for you. This is not right!
2 likes • Apr 10
@Sam Roobol couldn't agree with you more.
New Admin Feature
Hello everyone, WSM Eddie Hall here. Love that you guys are doing with Skool, about to launch my Academy tonight 7pm Uk time. I have a feature request... I'd like to be able to give an admin permission to "ghost write" on my account. This is where they can post into the community as me. Would love to hear back from the Skool team. Big Love, The BEAST™️
New comment Apr 10
0 likes • Apr 10
In a coaching community that I am in, for a time, the virtual assistant posted., as a ghost writer, pretending to be the coach However, it became obvious to us, that it was not the coach posting, because her responses were not in the same style as the coach. Since the VA has started posting under her name, it feels more authentic to us. We do not expect our coach to be all over the chat. As a community grows, the community will answer questions on the coaches behalf.
Need more space while replying on Mobile
I was trying to respond to a comment on iPhone 12 mini and kept hitting GIF.
New comment Mar 7
Need more space while replying on Mobile
3 likes • Mar 7
I have to agree to this. My problem is on android
Introducing dark mode 🕶️
Now you can use skool in dark mode on your computer and phone. Turn it on/off in your settings. It's not as polished as light mode, that's why it's called "Dark mode (beta)". We know a bunch of you want it, so we figured we'd ship it early and get your feedback. Enjoy 🎉
New comment 29d ago
Introducing dark mode 🕶️
5 likes • Mar 7
Love it
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