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$18,250 Black Friday Giveaway (Limited To 200 Entries!)
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Max Perzon
Ansh Pagare
Nikolai Hjelle
Venkat Maddala
Priyam Chhaparia
New comment 4d ago
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@Max Perzon I was wondering if there's still a 30-day free trial for the special offer? Or once I sign up, I will be charged $48.50/month for 3 months? Thanks
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@Max Perzon isn't there a 30-day free trial for the starter gohighlevel?
Problem with Highlevel signup
I'm facing a problem with signing up to highlevel and it's from my country Egypt. Recently in November they restricted the Visa international transactions. Only Mastercard are allowed for international purchases out of sudden. Now IDK whether the gohighlevel will be Ok with PayPal balance or not.. Have anyone here ever faced a similar kind of issue? Can I deactivate my card/bank from PayPal and Use its balance? Can I transfer all the funds from my Visa to PayPal?
The gohighlevel upgrade to the Black Monday offer of the starter plan 48.50 dollars 30-day free trial
Did anyone go for a 30-day free trial and manage to upgrade to the starter plan gohighlevel black Monday offer of 48.50 dollars per month? Tell me how do you know if it's upgraded to the starter plan of $48.50/month? Through email confirmation or what?
Did you buy a hosting for the gohighlevel website?
For everyone who went through the Smma course and went on the starter gohighlevel. I know that it has a website builder tool. So did you buy a hosting or only a domain and a google workspace subscription for a professional email?
A question for people who started the Smma course
Is there a 30-day free trial for the $97 "starter" gohighlevel plan or only 14-day free trial? I noticed that Max Pro has the 30-day free trial whereas the unlimited and the starter plans are 14-day free trial. Right?
Youssef Guirguess
Menna Ayoub
Usman Karamat
New comment 10d ago
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@Youssef Guirguess so I can't find their support number. Can I call them before going into the free trial?
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@Youssef Guirguess thank you so much 💜
Stripe isn't available worldwide.
Hey guys, I'm from Egypt and stripe isn't available worldwide. Can I connect PayPal to the gohighlevel..? Please reply "anyone who knows the answer for this".. Regards, Menna
Youssef Guirguess
Menna Ayoub
New comment 11d ago
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Thanks for your answer
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Ahmed Fauzi
Ali Alsawaf
Milutin Masic
Abdulroheem Faruq
Anthony Hamilton
New comment 20d ago
0 likes • Oct 27
@Déo Nkerabigwi so to study the course, I need to implement and to implement i will pay 97 dollars every months for the integrated tool which is cheap but i can't afford this because I'm student and from Egypt. Egyptian currency is nothing compared to the US dollar. So is there a way in the course to bring money with no need for the integrated tool? And then when you have money, you can pay for the integrated tool? Or what did you want to say at the beginning?
0 likes • Oct 27
@Billy Cannon get that. I will try doing it for free and see what would happen. But I need to ask about something? Did you try working online and get real money or know someone who got money online? If yes, tell me. I have been trying a lot of things but was scammed and then YouTube reused content and refusals through phone calls and no jobs when applying and fake promises. So is there a real thing that paid money whether an online job or anything without any investment if for you or for someone you know?
Please reply to this
I plan to start the Smma course tomorrow. I only have 155 dollars since I'm a student who saves money in his bank account and I'm from Egypt and the dollar= 30.95 EGP so it takes time to make the 100 dollars. So I plan to pay the 97 dollars for the tool and work hard this month to bring money from the 1st month. Will there be any other investments? Do you advise me to start and I can depend on that? Or is it impossible and I'm not gonna make money from the 1st month and I need any more investments? Thank you.
Christiaan Nichols
Menna Ayoub
New comment Oct 29
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@Christiaan Nichols yes, I get that. I will make up my mind. Thanks💜
1 like • Oct 27
@Christiaan Nichols are the 30 day free trial preceded by a payment or I try first then pay?
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