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Join The Synthesizer Twitter List (Add Your Handle)
Lately, I've been interacting with @Daniel Reynolds & @Siebren de Vos on Twitter. It's been so much fun, but sometimes they don't show up in my feed. So, I created a Synthesizer Twitter List to see their Tweets. (and yours) Add your Handel to this post, and I'll add you to the Synthesizer Twitter List. Cheers
Benedek Santa
Siebren de Vos
Fedor Favorsky
Onto Lai
Nathaniel Clemetson
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    Hey there. I have done the similar thing for the NFT community I was a member of. I'd love to join on this one. @fiyuOrg
Recovering my true self that got lost in our noisy world
#Synthesizing Intro The start of the pandemic forced me into a corner where I was forced to face myself, I could no longer be distracted by external things. Lots of pain that I had pushed down inside myself decided to bubble up from deep within. I had to face it but didn't know how. I've been on a journey over that last 2 years to recover my true self that had been masked by my ego. I am still working on this, and believe it could be a lifelong journey. But I think the lessons I learn could help many others, and it will solidify my knowledge sharing with others.
Corey Bennett Boardman
Meliksah Eminoglu
Siebren de Vos
Ted Mwenda
Callum Rylance
New comment Dec '22
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    Hey there! I wish you had shared a couple of things that you have learned at the end of the post so we could read some of it
My question is: as someone who writes commercial article in crypto industry who already has a job
I like the whole idea of this space, but I can't understand how it can become something engaging and substantially beneficial for those who are shooting for the stars? People who already make money off by creating content but would like to get much better. Could you guys give me some guidance?
Daniel Reynolds
New comment May '22
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Meliksah Eminoglu
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